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Fjordman give the TT the heads up on this situation, as well as reminding:

This Danish newspaper article claims that if cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who currently lives virtually as a prisoner in his own home where he has earlier been attacked with an axe by a Muslim man, can potentially be handed over to Jordan if he loses the blasphemy case against him there a few days from now. This is because of the European Arrest Warrant, which we warned against at the Gates of Vienna blog nearly 3 years ago.

According to this Arrest Warrant, which very few Europeans have even heard of, a citizen of one European country can be handed over to another country if he is involved in a “serious crime” like racism. This was originally intended as an internal EU thing, but as Bat Ye’or keeps reminding us, these regulations are often expanded to include the EU’s Mediterranean “partners,” that is, the Muslim countries of the Middle East and North Africa, Jordan included.

NOTE: As the Tundra Tabloids has often stated, the EU is an evil institution that needs to be disbanded before they can irreversibly destroy the nation state and the sane rule of law.

EU: Westergaard extradited to Jordan

EKSTRABLADET: Denmark has, via the EU, agreed to a special convention, which requires that Kurt Westergaard will be extradited to Jordan if he is convicted here because of the Muhammad cartoons

15:51, 18 April 2011 | Soren K. Jacobsen

Kurt Westergaard risikerer udvisning til Jordan pga. EU-lov, skriver Morten D.
Kurt Westergaard risks deportation to Jordan due to EU law, writes Morten D.

– Kurt Westergaard may now be on trial in Jordan for his drawings. What’s on 25 April in Amman. What will the Minister for Justice Brian Mikkelsen do about it?

To ask the nation! Member Morten D. in a letter to the editor as he continues:

– Together, the EU some time ago adopted ‘The European Arrest Warrant’. To begin with, it was a purely a EU scheme. You would not be able to sit in an EU country and carry out ugly crimes against people in another EU country. But then came a convention expansion.

Punished for things allowed in Denmark

– In accordance with the customs of the finest in the circles of money – just like the countless other conventions – not bothered to inform the public that Jordan – and who knows how many other barbarian States? – Already the subject of “The European Arrest Warrant ‘. Should there be someone who is not aware of the contents of this order, the map illustration, a Dane who is doing or saying something that is not illegal in Denmark, on request and without further fuss extradited to a country where the is illegal. There has been extradited Danes punishment abroad for acts that are perfectly legal in Denmark.

Teach your Koranic verses by heart

– Must we in future be able to survive safely in Denmark, one must first familiarize himself with all the Koranic verses, all hadith’s fatwa and the countless pre-and orders by heart before you open your mouth. If just one person in convention countries, such as Jordan, might feel aggrieved, you can with the Danish judiciary help get the Dane returned to punishment.

Brian Mikkelsen glad Convention

– It is a regime which is praised by former Justice Minister Brian Mikkelsen in high terms. But who on earth has accepted that dictatorships like Jordan can become a member? If Westergaard is convicted, we will find that he will be arrested by Danish police and then put on a plane to Amman. After the election, we should review all the conventions over the years we have joined.

Rest here in Danish.


6 Responses

    1. This is getting as crazy as in 30:s in germany. We lost this war.

  1. This is not Sparta, this is madness.

    Seriously, does someone think he could get any fair trial in jordan? Why don’t you hang him right away? or throw rocks at him.. kill him for DRAWING PICTURES!

    for fuck’s sake people, this muslim shit is not even funny anymore.

  2. So he gets extradited.Has the stupid Nazi EU thought about the strong possibility that he may get the death penalty? Lets say he doesn’t get the death penalty, if he is imprisoned in Jordan some raving Muslim fanatic will surely kill him. So he still gets the death penalty.
    If I was him, I’d RUN and get asylum in a country where they don’t extradite for the death penalty.

  3. Don’t missunderstand me, but my impression is that Denmark is getting a bit too larmoyant about this issue. If you read ‘Udlevering af danske statsborgere’ (or ‘Extradition of danish citizens) at (danish),

    then you will see that there is virtually no way for this to happen.

    Again, I am in no way defending the EAW nor its extention to countries outside the EU.

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