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Vlad alerts the Tundra Tabloids to the following assault on free speech and sanity. Unreal. KGS

Vlad: Here is Ezra Levant on the decision from his TV show on SUN April 21. For a thorough treatment on this issue please click over to Kathy Shaidle‘s site, Five Feet of Fury

Ezra Levant BC HRC judgment April 20 2011 PART II

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  1. It’s a parlous state of affairs when a claim of having been offended can lead to action based on a subjective claim of having been offended by a somewhat tasteless joke by a comedian about what he considered (not unreasonably) tasteless public behaviour.

    Personally, what people do in the privacy of their homes is none of my business, but if I were a stand up comedian who could not help but notice two women openly demonstrating their affection for one another while firing off my one-liners, I imagine I might feel somewhat peeved – if not offended.

    Not only did this woman initiate a dubious legal action in a so-called Human Rights Commission in response to the admittedly tasteless comments made about their rude behaviour, the pseud0-judge actually weighted her subjective claim to have been offended as more valid than the basic right to express one’s opinion freely without fear of retribution.

    So in Canada, evidently, a claim of having been offended by being called dikes, trumps the fundamental principal of freedom of speech which underpins our western democratic political systems.

    Where will all this end?

    Inevitably, a state will be reached where the voters wake up to the fact that their basic freedoms are being slowly eroded, and will demand their parliamentary representatives rescind all the nonsensical laws that strive to prevent people from saying what’s on their minds, in the misguided attempt to pamper and cosset those who assume they should be able to go through life without ever being exposed to words that they find “offensive”.

  2. everyone who goes to a standup comic event is “part” of the event itself, so should accept the good and the bad that comes with it. can a hockey fan sue wayne gretzky for getting hit in the mouth with a puck? accept what comes with the territory. if a heckler wants to interrupt the show, infront of 300 people and take centre stage for their 2 minutes of fame, then accept the consequences of your actions. a standup comedian is there to entertain the people in the crowd, and if you heckle him or her, then YOU yourself become part of that entertainment medium. these two heckled the comedian, and even threw wine in his face, then have the nerve to sue him when he verbally instults them for doing so. he and everyone in the crowd should sue them for interrupting the show, wasting everyone’s time, charge them with assault for throwing wine in his face, and ban them from ever entering any club again. he should have sued them for mental duress as well. who likes getting wine thrown in their face infront of 300 people. if his lawyer didnt find something to counter sue them for, he was using the wrong lawyer. these 2 women are pathetic in their attempt to regain what little dignity they have left, and need to work for their income like everyone else instead of suing people just because they can. grow up.

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