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This is about the differences between the visions of the men who are the most influential in the party, nothing more, as the media seek to pry something out of the newly elected to parliament True Finns candidate. KGS

Is Soini a supporter of Halla-aho shortly after the election? “

YLE: Tremendous vote getter Jussi Halla-aho arrived at the True Finns election campign headquarters.

He talked outside the election headquarters. In his speech, he complained, inter alia, that journalists that they were trying to manipulate the voters before the election.

Halla-aho was asked, had it any effect on the success of the True Finns, the fact that immigration was not talked much before the election.

Halla-aho, explained that it was all up to the journalists that immigration was not asked about. Halla-aho had also felt that this lack of interest in asking bout it was that they sought to manipulate the voters, like that immigration was not a timely issue.

Halla-aho was also asked about the government consultations, but he did not reveal what would be desired for entering government.

Halla-aho was asked about Soini, and their differences. The question as to whether Soini was a Halla-aho supporter, jusst shortly after the election, he just blurted out:

– Guess whether I’ll respond to such a question.

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