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The made mince meat out of their political opposition! They were the only party that gained seats!

20:30: National Coalition 18.9 – SDP 18.8 – PS (TF) 18.8 Central Party 18.8% with 50% counted

21:30: True Finns 19.8 National Coalition 19.8 SDP 18.5 Central Party 16.5 with 61.7 counted

21:38: True Finns 19.9 National Coalition 19.7 SDP 18.6 Central Party 16.3 with 64.2 counted

21:47: True Finns 19.4 National Coalition 20.0 SDP 19.0 Central Party 16.3 with 70.0 counted

22:05:True Finns 19.6 National Coalition 19.8 SDP 18.9 Central Party 15.9 with 81.0 counted

22:13:True Finns 19.3 National Coalition 20.1 SDP 19.1 Central Party 15.9 with 83.0 counted

22:32:True Finns 19.3 National Coalition 19.5  SDP 19.2 Central Party 16.7 with 91.0 counted

22:46 :True Finns 19.2 National Coalition 19.8  SDP 19.1 Central Party 16.2 with 95.0% of the vote counted

22:53 True Finns 19.1 National Coalition 19.9  SDP 19.2 Central Party 16.1 with 96.2.% of the vote counted

Remember folks, this man is solidly pro-Israel

Soini: Wonderful, Wonderful!

UPDATE: Jussi Hall-aho was just interviewed and stated that immigration politics is taking a strong showing in the voting today. Jussi is in the parliament with 11 293 votes!

22:07 Former SDP FM, Erkki Tuomioja says its very difficult to believe that after a major win like this that the True Finns would remain outside the government.

22:32 Soini speaking to his supporters, we have made history, we have a candidate in parliament from every area from Finland.


UPDATE: UK’s UKIP send its congrats to Soini and the True Finns:

UKIP Take Cheer from Victory of True Finns

It is fair to say that UKIP are ecstatic that their Finnish sister party have surged in Finland. Their tough on immigration, tough on the EU policies have seen the 16-year-old party surge from 4.1% of the vote in the last parliamentary election to 19.4%, tonight, taking their parliamentary representation from 5 to 39 MPs. They have out-polled the Social Democrats and overnight smashed the Finnish pro-EU consensus. No wonder Nigel Farage is smiling…


ALSO: This is what True Finns Timo Soini feels about the EU

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  1. Wow, that looks good. Do they have an English website? My Finnish is not so good 😉

      1. Thanks KGS. I was wondering: do the Lefties already scream about xenophobia, populism and far right?

        1. The Left here are talking about how the TF party deserves a place within the gov’t due to their crushing victory. none of teh parties have mentioned anything about xenophobia. That is how the outside world is looking at it.

  2. TF are the type of party we need here in America. Congratulations to them on their accomplishment!

  3. Congrats to the True Finns, may their party grow and prosper.

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