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  1. Ann, You are my hero…..I have sent you video to all my friends…I hope we can come up with another video. You are truely a leader, I would follow you into any battle against Jihad.


  2. I do so agree with that and it was long overdue that someone with balls said something. I’m from Germany, but I would vote her for president, if I could 🙂

    1. She really is a firecracker isn’t she! She knows her stuff.

      1. Go Girl! We shall prayer forl your life!! Please, what can I do to help this cause here in Holbrook, AZ?
        We must be more active in the Fight for Right with this next election coming up—-too soon! NOBama next time around!!!!

  3. My best wishes and heartiest congratulations to Madam Ann BARNHARDT . I wish her long life and more videos from her against Islam, Koran and Hadith.

  4. You are a fine and wonderful great American Woman! Thank you.

  5. Ann~ I LOVE YOU, SISTER!! You are MY KIND OF WOMAN. I hope I can meet you face to face and get your autograph. THANK YOU for calling it what it IS. God bless and protect you. I have a growing LIST of FB friends who want your autograph.

  6. I used to think that little knowledge, conceit, and bigotry had limits. I guess they have none, in poor Anny’s case–and all this in the name of Jesus, who taught us pacifism, loving our enemies (fictional in this case, the bankers, not Muslims, are the enemy), and anti-establishmentarianism. This is even more troubling, since Ann knows that the system is corrupt to the core. And yet she naively assimilates–and goes ever farther than required–the anti-Muslim propaganda. And pray what is their crime? Only this: They have oil, which our corrupt oligarchy covet. What a limited vision, Ann, and how troubling to this betrayal of Christ’s teaching in an otherwise intelligent person.

    1. Hey Laticia, you’re wrong on the extreme pacifism you attribute to Christ, but that aside, bankers are not our enemies, only those politicians who think that its government’s role to choose the winners and the losers in a free market economy. Banks should be allowed to fail as well as businesses.

      About Islam, its totalitarian in every respect and therefore alien to modern Western culture and norms, that is what Barnhardt is protesting against, sharia, and the subjugation of the West to it.

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