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In true dhimmi fashion, the Swedish lords of multiculturalism respond in drone like knee-jerk politically correct fashion, and cancel art to avoid offending the followers of the Ideology of Perpetual Outrage (IPO). This is how far it’s come, self censorship in the face of totalitarianism. Great going Sweden! Just wait until Islam has real political power in the land of the Three Crowns, you haven’t seen anything yet. KGS

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UPDATE: Swedish State Radio SVT:

This weekend, asked Culture in Stockholm about a dance performance after a debate on Facebook criticized some of the content.

Celebration of woman hood is a two-day dance festival with workshops, discussions and performances, organized by föreiningen Freshest at Kulturhuset. Some of the show, which danced to a prayer from the Koran set to music, attracted attention during the rehearsal and a discussion took place on Facebook.

Koran quote stopped dance performance in Stockholm

Document.no: Fear of attack by violent Islamists are present in more and more arenas. That it has been present in the art world for a while, everyone knows that recognizes the names of Lars Vilks and Kurt Westergaard. In 2006 also led to fears that the Deutsche Opera in Berlin canceled production of Mozart’s “Idomeneo,” and something similar is happening again – in Stockholm.

Street Dance performance “Celebration of woman hood” was listed as a cultural center in the Swedish capital, and had already been played several times. But one of the spectators at Saturday’s performance was so upset over the use of Koranic quotations in the play, he went home and did what any angry young people today: he started a discussion on Facebook. The debate got good response from the viewer’s friends, and many thought that this had gotten way out of line. Some were probably also with threats of violence.

The day after Kulturhuset knew about the Facebook thread, but instead of removing the quote from the play, they chose as well to cancel the show.

More here in Norwegian

Celebration of Womanhood!

March 10th, 2011
We are so proud to be part of “Celebration of Womanhood” arranged by the Superwomen at the organization “Freshest – the evolution of streetdance”.

There will be workshops, discussions of gender, role models etc and shows from different creative people and groups.

Except the names on the poster, featured people in workshops and/or panel discussions are: Apollo De Azizi, Maria “Decida” Wahlberg, Iki Gonzalez, Svante Tidholm and Dj: Pamela Leal Viñals

You don’t want to miss this, come enjoy!

“Celebration of Womanhood” April 2nd & 3rd.

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  1. The people who put this garbage on deserve everything they get; they are the arch-dhimmis and submitters, trying to curry favour with the cult of death and getting their just desserts! Hahahahaha!!

  2. Did the dance entail simulated rape of uncovered infidel meat by devout Muhammadans? Was the street art performed in a culturally sensitive, isolationalist, ghettoized No Go Zone? Were the specific passages from the Koran delivered in archaic Arabic, vetted by a proper Islamic authority as to the appropiate application to the scenario portrayed, least they be taken out of context? Did they object to the live and/or reproduced sound of musical intruments in the performance? It appears a depiction of a personage was used promoting the event, this too can be is a sticking point. Was it halal? Did they ever bother to consult with Muhammadan religious clerics on this? Yet people wonder why Muhammadans go balls out crazy? A Muhammadan comes from a shame culture. They do not have it within themselves the capacity to shoulder humiliation and shame without lashing out in righteous indignation. When you have a group that has the social maturity of a 4 year old by Western standards you have to make concessions as to your own freedoms, for the sake of peaceful coexistance in a multicultural landscape. Celebrate diversity, as long as it doesn’t offend Muhammadans. Easy words to live by.

    1. The task, should you take it on, of not offending Muhammadans can be difficult. A good starting point would be consulting with Muhammadan clerics. I use the plural, in that more than one sect anywhere on the planet could take offense, and they may lash out at those you would consider innocents in their locale in response. You wouldn’t want the burden on your eternal soul that you were responsible in any way. It is a daunting task because you have to squeeze in the fudge factor for individuals whose interpetation of Islamic cannon differs slightly from the norm. Fatwahs, on any given number of subjects, are issued in the hundreds of thousands every year. You would need to review those, both past and new one’s unfolding, just to be on the safe side. If one fatwah was a direct contradiction to another, it is better to take no course of action as to not offend either party. What you are left with is breathing and deficating what you recently consumed and then resolve yourself to a fate of slow starvation, thirst and death.

  3. A real shame!! Europe is not only being invaded by Muslims and Arabs, but they are abusing the social programs, intimidating the local population, abusing their freedoms, imposing their sharia laws, raping western girls, etc., etc. When is Europe going to say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH??

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