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The headline reads like the makings of a bad joke, and a story line so twisted you need a cork screw to unravel it, but here goes.

A Finnish pastor, Juha Molari, has been reported to the police for incitement against an ethnic group (for a second time) for a blog post about Chechen refugees, by the minority ombudsman Eva Biaudet.

The pastor himself, who has long been at the center of attention for other things as well, like for teaming up with hard Leftist nut-job Johan Bäckman in the pro-Russia backed SAFKA (Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee) movement -that yes, teamed up with the Finnish Islamic Party (FIP) of Abdullah Tammi– which has been well documented.

MTV3: Pohjan Finnish parish vicar Juha Molari’s blog has prompted a second criminal investigation. The Ombudsman for Minorities Biaudet made ​​an investigation of Molari in which he is suspected of  agitation against an ethnic group.

According to Biaudet, Molari argues, inter alia, that there are not any real refugees coming from the Caucasus to Finland, but that everyone coming from there would have a connection to terrorism. In her opinion, Molari wants to arouse a clear disgust  in the reader and contempt for a particular ethnic group.

Another blog (Molari’s) already under criminal investigation is being deliberated by the prosecutor for possible charges. Molari is suspected of libel and unlawful threats.

Watch the videos about it from Russia Today here.

The pastor belongs to a very fringe, ‘peculiar’ voice on the Finnish political landscape, which drives a very strong pro-Russian agenda. For an example, he and Johan Bäckman are vehemently opposed to various Finnish groups which campaign for the return of the eastern portion of Karelia (Karjala in Finnish) lost during the Second World War to Soviet Russia.

Johan Bäckman, also interviewed in the RT article, was caught lying a few years ago about the Simon Weisenthal Center supporting his pathetic demonstration in Helsinki, which was organized to demonstrate against a book tour presentation by an ethnic Estonian, Sofi Oksanen. Her book was about the brutal years during the Soviet occupation of Estonia, something of which Bäckman categorically rejects, bot the atrocities and the occupation.

SAFKA, of which both Molari and Bäckman are members, invited the hard Left nationalist group the Nashi (quasi fascists themselves) to Helsinki to them help protest against the event.

Abdullah Tammi at the time, head of the Finnish Islamic Party, (FIP) was also present to help spread the anti-Estonian message of Bäckman and SAFKA.. So in the TT’s opinion, there isn’t any doubt that the Finnish priest, Juha Molari, is one of their fellow travelers.

Enter Abdullah Tammi, who has since that time resigned from the FIP, and has changed both his spots and facial hair. It appears that he was indeed a plant all along, used by the Russians during the 70’s and 80’s to spy on Finnish Christian congregations,  where he infiltrated many in order to gather information on their missionary activities in the USSR for the Soviets.

If what Vasarahammer says in the below holds to be true, it looks like the Tundra Tabloids, and many others, got it wrong about Risto Tammi early on. He’s nothing more than a religious chameleon infiltrator for the Russians, sent to keep tabs on religious movements here in Finland.

So to wrap this up, a highly untrustworthy Finnish pastor with dubious intentions and connections with hard Leftist pro-Russian sympathizers (one who has worked for Russian intelligence) is being targeted by a soft headed Finnish minorities ombudsman who is safeguarding the honor of Chechens, while Chechen jihadis maintain a website in the heart of Helsinki that spreads propaganda. This nut-job of a pastor is now trying to be made into a martyr, by both Russia Today due to unfair Finnish laws, for their pro-Russian cause.

NOTE: One important thing to take note of is, the Finnish state’s reluctance to deal with the overwhelming amount of vitriol slung in the direction of ethnic Estonians in both Finland and in Estonia. A Tundra Tabloids’ source tells of the numerous complaints filed with Finnish authorities who have consistently rejected each and every one of these complaints, only now to take up the one filed against the Finnish pastor.

The newly cleaned up Risto (a.k.a. Abdullah) Tammi


On the surface, minority ombudsman Eva Biaudet has reported SAFKA (Finnish Anti-Fascist Committee) activist Juha Molari to the police for incitement to ethnic hatred.

The following is purely speculation:

However, in the background there is the struggle with Russia and the Chechen terrorists and their supporters. I have often wondered why Russia would support a guy like Johan Bäckman and his former communist SAFKA buddies. Nobody can possible take these clowns seriously. I think I have found a logical reason.

The main mouthpiece of Chechens called Kavkazcenter runs on a server in Finland. Russian leaders have expressed their anger about this and demanded that the Finnish authorities should close it. I believe that SAFKA as such is just a Russian intelligence operation the purpose of which is to cause mischief and in that way put pressure on the Finnish government to close Kavkazcenter.

On the other side is Kavkazcenter and its founder Mikael Storsjö, who will soon stand trial for smuggling 50 Chechens to Finland. One of them is the administrator of Kavkazcenter.

Then we have Green MEP Heidi Hautala who is a vocal critic of Russian human rights situation. We also have minister of immigration Astrid Thors (SPP) who has called for Storsjö to be acquitted despite his deliberate and obvious breaking of the law.

I dislike both sides of this conflict. However, I think Storsjö/Hautala/Thors axis is more dangerous, since they are the ones importing unassimilable immigrants to Finland.

Bäckman and his lot just make up fanciful lies about imaginary “russophobia” in Finland. The worst thing about them is that their lies are widely covered in Russian media, which also causes damage to Finnish interests.

What we are seeing yet again is the way incitement laws are used as political weapons against those who disagree. It is the Greens and the “human rights” folks that are the worst abusers of this law, however. In the end, I have a lot more sympathy for Seppo Lehto than either of the sides of this conflict.


NOTE: The role of Abdullah Tammi is also interesting. He founded the FIP but also participated in SAFKA demonstrations. It is likely that Tammi’s job was to infiltrate the islamic circles and gain information about Chechens/Kavkazcenter. His FIP buddies found that out and now Tammi no longer wears a robe, but runs a flea market in Kerava.

The only one remaining in FIP is Sauli Ingman who once expressed his desire to take part in Chechen jihad against Russian infidels.

ALSO: The Kavkaz center provides a platform for Chechen jihadi terrorists. See for yourself: http://www.kavkazcenter.com/eng/ You can see several jihadi articles in the front page.

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