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EDL Is Not For Racists Or Nazis!

The EDL does exactly what it says on the tin, if it says its non racist then its non racist, if it says its open to all communities and walks of life then that’s exactly what it is, how can anyone actually argue with that?

Our objectors and those who wish to cause a fracture are only too keen to point the EDL in a completely different direction, but it obviously won’t work. Anyone with an ounce of integrity and common sense knows that the road to racism hits a dead end, racism = NO CREDIBILITY and rightly so!

A movement that claims to be non racist and open to all can hardly have so called members giving Nazi salutes while racially abusing people who we need to engage and work with if we are to succeed in this global fight against Radical Islam.

Our Armed Forces have a wealth of diversity within the rank and file, servicemen and women coming from many backgrounds, sharing operational time in theatres of war, dug in trenches, working for one another, supporting one another, laying down their lives for each other, watching each other’s backs. I’m sure they couldn’t give a toss who stands next to them, as long as they were doing their job and proud of serving their Nation.
We are at war people! A war from within and without, real EDL will stand firm and honour true heros serving in our armed forces .

We don’t care if we have members who are Jewish, Rastafarian, Sikh, Buddhist, Pagan, Christian, or even Muslim for that matter, as long as they stand side by side and share in our common battle and help for the betterment of our growing and diverse membership. We really don’t care if your Black, White, Brown, Yellow or even Green for that matter, we couldn’t care less if you emigrated here from Uranus, if you stand shoulder to shoulder and share in the EDL ethos then you’re very welcome to join in our brother and sisterhood.

Racism can play no part in the English Defence League. If it did we would become hypocrites and everything our enemies want us to be, we are much smarter than that and the bonus is we have a moral compass pointing in the right direction. We don’t claim to be angels, we don’t claim to be all that politically correct either, but we do have a point, the world knows we have legitimacy in our side, it’s a bitter pill to swallow for some, but swallow they must.

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