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Regina Mayer’s parents refused to buy her a horse. So the Bavarian farmer’s daughter turned to the next best thing: Luna the cow. Now, the two are inseparable, and Mayer has even taught her bovine friend to jump.

What to do if your parents refuse to buy you a horse? You make one, of course. Out of a cow.

That, at least, is the rather unusual route taken by Regina Mayer, a 15-year-old from the Bavarian town of Laufen. After months of training Luna, a cow Mayer found in the paddock of her family’s dairy farm, Mayer can ride the bovine with little trouble. What’s more, Luna has also proven adept at clearing makeshift jumps her rider builds for her.
“She thinks she’s a horse,” Mayer told the Associated Press.

Mayer began training Luna not long after she was born two years ago. Before long, she threw a saddle on the animal and began riding her. Now, commands such as “go,” “stand” or “gallop” are no problem for Luna. As long as she’s in the mood, that is.

Mayer began creating small jumps for her uddered friend once merely riding her became too boring. “I had to show Luna everything and to bribe her with carrots and sugar,” she told the German news agency DPA. “Now she can jump over 1 meter (3 feet).”

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