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Australia is a multi-ethnic society with a native culture that’s meshed within the overall Australian culture. People in leading positions haven’t a clue as to what they’re talking about. To speak of a multi-cultural society, is to by default, automatically exclude the majority culture from being the exclusive, overall identifying culture. Australian culture is thus reduced to being but one of the competing set of cultures within the larger social construct.

Time to end the nonsense of “multiculturalism” once and for all. A society can, and should have, a single identifying culture within a ‘melting pot society’ framework (if it wants) that binds the nation together through integration, while still maintaining individual connections to one’s ethnicity and/or background. It’s up to the person and family unit whether one completely assimilates, the important thing is that one’s own culture doesn’t trump the host culture.

What we see here is the classic struggle between those who support group rights over individual rights. Statists support multiculturalism because it’s easier to divide and control society. Group rights always trashes individual rights, just as Multiculturalism trashes the the host culture.

That is the heart of the issue here, do you favor rights that protect the individual or groups, limited government or statism? KGS

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Victorian Muslims ‘too scared’ to assimilate

HeraldSun: Victorian Muslims say many in their community feel forced to live in enclaves in order to protect themselves from racism. And they have made a plea that Australian society be more tolerant, allowing them to be free to wear burqas and build mosques.

Opposition leader Daniel Andrews said all levels of Government must work together on the issue.

“It’s important all members of our community feel safe,” he told this morning. Australia has a proud history of multiculturalism and all levels of government must work together to ensure we remain a country that promotes and celebrates diversity.”

Melbourne suburbs like Broadmeadows, Coolaroo and Meadow Heights have high Muslim concentrations, according to census data. But in a submission to a federal parliamentary inquiry into migration, Victorian Islamic Council president Hyder Gulam said Muslims did not set out to create enclaves.

He told the joint standing committee on migration a fear of racism was a key reason many Muslims congregated in certain suburbs.

“The Government recognises that housing affordability, access to multicultural services and a fear of racism is one of the reasons certain Muslim communities (but not all) congregate in specific suburbs (that is, Lakemba, Broadmeadows) and not that there is an intent to create separate enclaves,” he said.

Mr Gulam said that the fear and alarm over multiculturalism was more about Muslim integration and assimilation.

“We feel that the public discourse needs to be more clear about what that means as we believe that in a tolerant and multicultural society, one should be able to observe halal, wear the burqa and build places of worship without hindrance (subject to the law of the land),” he said.

Mr Gulam said some Muslims found it hard to feel part of a wider national collective because of a perception that Australian society “does not respect individuality with respect to religious practice”.

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  1. I’m surprised when I hear Europeans talk about multiculturalism going so well in for example Australia. Read the comments below the article. Multiculturalism is a faillure.

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