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Hosni Mubarak: Miss me yet?

The Investigative Project on Terrorism takes note of the call for modesty laws in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood must be making (or have already made) inroads in the Egyptian military to be so so confident to make such open fundamuslimist demands. KGS

Egyptian Islamists On The Rise: New ‘Modesty’ Laws For ‘Those Who Commit Immoral Acts’

Breitbart: Muslim Brotherhood officials must be confident in their chances in this fall’s Egyptian parliamentary elections. David Miller of Media Line picked up an Egyptian newspaper report citing a member of the Brotherhood’s governing board calling for a squad of virtue police created to act against “those who commit immoral acts.”

Issam Durbala’s vision aims to protect public virtue and modesty with “limited authorities,” Miller reports, which means something short of Saudi Arabia’s vice police. [Note: Miller identifies Durbala as a Brotherhood official, other sourcesplace him in the Gama’a Al-Islamiya, or Islamic Group]

Moderates and secularists in Egypt are alarmed by the growing influence of religious conservatives in Egypt. They’ll have to scramble to compete in the fall elections against the larger, better organized Brotherhood. Those reformers tried to defeat constitutional amendments that called for elections sooner, rather than later, in hopes of buying time to organize.

Those amendments passed by a 3-to-1 margin last month.

Hamas, a Brotherhood offshoot, has imposed its own brand of modesty enforcement in Gaza. Girls must adhere to a religious dress code to attend school, and women have been detained for being in public with a man or for smoking in public.

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  1. One did not even have to posses special powers to call this one, now that H. Mubarak has been sold out and tossed under the bus, we will hear a litany of lame excuses from the MSM and the ‘suits’ in the administration of our ‘Dear Leader’.

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