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The Tundra Tabloids was kindly asked by Elisabeth to re-publish her rebuttal to an earlier op-ed by Farid Hafez, a political scientist who teaches at a university, and publisher of the Yearbook for Research in Islamophobia, that appeared in the Austrian paper, Die Presse.

Elisabeth was first mentioned in an opinion piece by journalist, Christian Ortner, also published by Die Presse, (the Baron has both the Ortner and Hafez op-ed’s here) that set the set the other two op-ed articles into motion. KGS

NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids finds it amazingly predictable as well as amusing that Farid Hafez promotes the OIC’s crusade against Islamophobia, a misnomer if there ever was one. The OIC even goes so far as to co-opt the mantel of being the “new Jews” where victimhood is concerned, all the while the same organization categorically rejects out of hand the phenomenon of real, documented Muslim anti-Semitism.

The Islamization of Europe Is No Delusion

by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

Guest commentary. A response to yesterday’s essay, “When Freedom of Expression Is Confused With Incitement Against Islam”, by Farid Hafez

Farid Hafez, a so-called expert on Islamophobia, comments on me personally in a Die Presse guest commentary (March 30). That is fine, since until now my case has been completely ignored by the Austrian media. I would certainly prefer it if Hafez would deal with the content of my talks rather than launching attacks against me.

But that is is precisely what he does not do. Like so many other Islam apologists, he avoids answering me and other critics of Islam with factual arguments (We are not anti-Islam, but are against Islamization, which is not a delusion, but reality). It is these very apologists who constantly shift from the factual to the emotional level.

I assume that Mr. Hafez is acquainted with the contents of the Koran, the Hadiths and the Sira (the biography of Mohammed). I also assume that Mr. Hafez is acquainted with the over 200 Koran verses which explicitly call for hatred against and killing of the so-called kuffar (Islamic designation for infidels, ergo non-Muslims) and are preached week after week in mosques all over the world. Mr. Hafez, I am not “claiming” anything. I am simply proving the calls for violence by quoting from the Koran.

The Fear Felt by the Left and the Islamists

But it is much simpler to ignore the content and instead to smear the messenger. That is true for me as it is for Geert Wilders. Precisely the use of the concept “global crusader” reveals Mr. Hafez as someone who is quite familiar with the language of the Organization of the Islamic Conference. This organization is the leader in matters of Islamophobia.

They do not care that a phobia is an irrational fear and Islam critics are in no way irrational. There is no Islamophobia. There is only the fear of Leftists and Islamists that normal people could be informed about the real Islam.

Hafez further laments “this exclusion of people marked out as ‘other.’ which is not a question of freedom of expression.” Yet only three percent of Turks want to marry a local woman, while Turkish women are forbidden to marry non-Turkish men or infidels — as opposed to the 80 percent of Russian immigrants who do not feel compelled to look for a “pure believer” in the homeland. Who is excluding whom, Mr. Hafez?

The Tip of the Iceberg

And isn’t honor killing in this connection just the tip of the iceberg? If a father tells his son to cut off the daughter’s head, because she may have been too friendly with an “infidel,” is that not a kind of “exclusion of a person marked out as ‘other’”? In this context, let us also not forget the preachers who week after week, with the help of Koran verses 7:166, 2:65 and 5:60, designate Jews as apes and pigs and thereby exclude them.

Among other things, Mr. Hafez questions my philosophy. I can explain it to him: I stand for absolute freedom of expression, democracy, universal human rights (as opposed to the Islamic Human Rights of the Cairo Declaration of 1990), pluralism, equality of men and women. What is reprehensible about that? In closing, my thanks to Mr. Hafez for his remote diagnosis that my point of view is “sick.” I feel quite healthy.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff lived in Iran, Kuwait and Libya and has dedicated herself to the “Battle against the Islamization of Europe.” In February she was convicted of “denigration of religious doctrines” by the Viennese regional court.

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