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  1. Yes we do know who these people are!!

    But this Hindu spokesperson is playing dumb.

    (Don’t ever name these people because this would be unhelpful.)

    Adumbrations of Faulty Towers. (Whatever you do, don’t mention the Germans.).

  2. Don’t excuse ‘whitey’ so quickly. Regardless of who did it, good ol’ whitey Aussie cops don’t seem to give a sh&t, so they ARE to blame. If they did their job and caught the perps, we’d soon find out whether they are Muslims or skinheads.

    White Australians seem to love Muslims and hate Hindus. The racist b*stards take the Muslim side against us all the time, it seems. Why did they let so many Muslims into their country anyway? They must really love Islam greatly.

    Well, if so, I hope they enjoy themselves when they become an Islamic state like Pakistan. Then maybe they’ll understand who is better, Muslim or Hindu.

    1. I hear you Rohin. It seems to be that minorities more prone to violent behavior than others, get special treatment, meaning looking the other way by law enforcement, or politicians buying into their whining cries of victimhood. I have never heard of a hindu community trying to take over other cultures who have accepted them in as citizens. Your grievances are well justified.

  3. That being said, Hindus are at fault,also. Donno exactly Aussie=land’s gun laws, but they should arm themselves and start shooting anyone who attacks a Hindu, whether white or Muslim.

    A handful of dead bodies is the best deterrent. Only cowards and idiots would sit back and allow Aussie police to do their job and protect them.

    People attack Hindus because they think they are weak. A few handguns would solve that problem real fast.

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