Lars Vilks


The Baron informs us that Lars Vilks is up for a Nobel, and in the Tundra Tabloids view, why not Lars? Here is a man who has put his life on the line for the preservation of free speech, regardless if you like or disagree with his works of art. The man is a hero. KGS

Mohamed, founder of Islam as a roundabout dog as an ambassador of peace.

Gates of Vienna:

Lars Vilks nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

By Oleg Shabazz Eriksson
Staff Writer, Universal Press Association

A 2010 letter to the Norwegian Institute from a former member of the Ladonian Parliament, Osvald Lagerhus, has surfaced on the Ladonian Independence Movement (LIM) website in support of the artist’s nomination: “The Nobel Peace Prize in my view is the only key that can fit the lock to rehabilitate Lars Vilks. All the aboriginal artists of Ladonia await his elevation.”

The LIM website mentions several projects that Mr. Vilks has worked on since going into seclusion nearly four years ago, such as playing a role in getting people from different genders and species to come together as he advocates for peaceful resolution of all artistic issues.

Happy April Fools!

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