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Wow, UK public money well spent! This is all coming out now due to jail sentences handed out to some of the rioters. You can take the thugs out from the violence but you can’t take the violence out from the thugs. KGS

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Asian youths sent on £2,000 jaunt to Blackpool to avoid clashes at Right-wing march jailed for car park fight

  • Five teenagers found guilty for their part in brawl that left a man unconscious

A group of Asian youths taken on a day-trip to Blackpool to avoid becoming embroiled violence at an EDL march ended up knocking a man unconscious in a car park brawl.

Five teenagers have been found guilty of their part in the incident in which a father-of-two was punched to the ground.

The five were part of a group of youths who were taken to on the trip on July 17 last year, the day of an English Defence League march in Dudley in the West Midlands.

The day-trip cost the public purse £2,113 and saw the group from the Tipton and Oldbury areas of the West Midands accompanied by a police officer and officials from the council.

The clash happened after the youths got off their coach and began chanting racist comments at Derek Brownhill, who had just got off a coach parked nearby.

The chants were heard by Mr Brownhill’s pregnant partner and two young daughters, as well as a group of elderly people, the court was told

In the ensuing confrontation Mr Brownhill was punched and hit with such force by Riad Hussain, 19, that both feet left the ground.

Wolverhampton Crown Court was told the blows left unconscious and with bruising and swelling to his face and head.

The group then punched Hussain, from Oldbury, in the face to give him a bruise so they could try to claim that his actions were in self defence.

Prosecutor David Swinnerton told the court that the teenagers – Hussain, Wasim Telhat, 18, Raja Rashid, 18, and two 17-year-olds – were part of a large group of Asian youths taken to Blackpool by coach on July 17 last year to avoid potential trouble.

At the time of the violence, two of the gang were on bail for a hammer attack in Tipton, West Midlands, that took place three months before the Blackpool incident.

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  1. It’s about time that the weak willed, feckless officials stopped kissing the behinds of these racist street hoodlums. What is needed is not ‘soft’ treatment or counseling but sentencing to a ‘Cool Hand Luke ‘type of work camp, in the healthy outdoors, giving the guilty time to reflect on their crimes , and saving the taxpayers money, by cleaning and repairing the countryside.

    1. Hi Big Frank,

      I would love to see these asshats working on a road crew pouring asphalt into pot holes.

      1. If they had road gangs in the UK it would most likely the first real days work that any of these parasites on the dole ever experienced.

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