Mohammed Made Me Do It

EDL: A terrifying spectre has been haunting towns and cities all across the country. Within the dirty underbelly of British society there lurks a presence so unpleasant and so repellent that all decent people would regard it with nothing but disgust. But for years it has been brushed under the carpet by the authorities, whilst it has travelled the country robbing children of their innocence and destroying the lives of its victims.

It is a threat which, until recently, many of us will have been completely unaware of. It is the existence of a particular breed of sex crime. It is, quite simply, the existence of Islamic sex crime: crimes committed by Muslim men and which are coloured by, and in some cases explicitly incited by, Islamic teaching.


The message that we should send to the government is this:

  • Do not shoot the messenger.
  • Act now to put an end to Islamic sex crime.
  • Recognise Islam’s role in causing it, and make clear what Islam must do to prevent it.
  • Recognise the role that Sharia Courts, Islamic Supremacist organisations, British Mosques, and Islamic schools have in perpetuating a 7th century form of Islam, and how this encourages antiquated sexual attitudes.

But above all else…

  • Do not fall into the trap of appeasing the aggressor.
  • Do not say that society has failed, that ‘we’ have failed.
  • Be prepared to admit what we all know: that it is Islam that has failed, that, ultimately, it is Islam that has scarred so many lives.
  • Do not do a disservice to the victims by failing to respect their innocence:
  • They share no responsibility for the crimes that Islam has done so much to encourage and so little to prevent.

We do not need new laws in order to combat the threat of Islamic sex crimes or the spread of Sharia Law. All we need is the proper application of existing laws – laws that were meant to safeguard us from these sorts of wickedness, laws which should make it clear what is and what is not acceptable in this country.

Islam will not change if we are not prepared to stand up for our beliefs, to stand up for the things that we so often taken for granted.

We oppose forced marriages. We oppose the grooming of young girls. We oppose rape. We oppose paedophilia. And we oppose any and every ideology, religious or otherwise, that encourages them.

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.

No surrender.

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