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How timely of them.

The first half of the 55 minute documentary, Populisitien Eurooppa, (viewable until 6.4.2011)  sets the stage and tempo with the Hungarian Jobbik movement, who really are indeed, statist, ultra-nationalist Socialists. The Jobbik though, are still classified in the film as being “right-wing”,  a highly superficial and nefarious label if there ever was one.

(UPDATE: You can almost see the YLE documentary crew salivating over the Hungarian Jobbik MP claiming that the True Finns are close to their party line. Their views are far from the TF party platform, but no matter, YLE got what it came for.)

Asked what countries have parties close to the Jobbik, this weasel responds, the National Front (still a party of anti-Semites and anti-everything else) and also in Finland, the True Finns.

From there it touched briefly on Romania and then on to the Netherlands, where Geert Wilders is featured prominently, and in the TT’s opinion, one of the main targets of the documentary. However, it actually contained some good exchanges with both politicians, academics and people on the street, of whom the latter came across rather well.

Clearly though, the voice over of Geert Wilders’ giving his speech in Copenhagen at the Danish Free Press Society, while panning the streets of Amsterdam filled with Muslims was meant to convey a more sinister message.

The more Islam we have, the less freedom we have.

We have to be tough to criminals, we have to expel criminal foreigners,-

The real message wanting to be relayed by the YLE crew, was that “populists”, regardless of the validity of some of their points, were needlessly spreading hate and fear, while the Left are stumped what to do about it since they are the ones who created the mess in the first place.

Here an Iranian immigrant, obviously secular, a socialist, and playing up the fear, topped it off with the statement that she’s leaving the country due to the racism of the present day Danish society. She’s seen watching Geert Wilders’ speech in Copenhagen on a laptop provided by the Finnish YLE documentary crew.

I congratualte Pia and Morten Messerschmidt with their success

There was also a brief appearance of Kent Ekeroth, a Sweden Democrats politician and good friend of the Tundra Tabloids, who I know for a fact has no problem with law abiding, loyal-to-the-state-of-Sweden immigrants. What he has a problem with however, is the ideology of Islam, deeming it contrary to European values.

Having the expectation of foreigners giving common courtesy and respect to both Swedish culture and its traditions for accepting them into the country and taking them as citizens, is not asking too much.

Kent Ekeroth: “We share core values about fighting against Islamization and opposing Turkey’s accession to the European Union.” (Note: The Finnish text says “We fight against Islam and…”)

Further on towards the end of the film, the true, underlying reason for the documentary came into focus, inclusion of the True Finns party, (Perussuomalainen) with the rest of so called “populists”  throughout the EU.

Sören Espersen: “The Finnish party, Real Finns, which is what we call them here, I intend of learning to say Perussuomalaiset, are very close to us.”

That is the reason for the documentary regardless of the good portions in the film, (which will be shown here later on) the idea is to connect the dots, and publicize it on the taxpayers’ dime right before the elections. The Tundra Tabloids believes however, that the good people here in Finland are well aware of the Stalinist tactics of YLE, and will pick and choose from the film accordingly, or simply not watch it. But it does indeed highlight the very issues the TT and the rest in the Counterjihad have been hammering at for years.

Simple demands for reasonable immigration, coupled with the expectation that immigrants are expected to assimilate, meaning accepting the host culture and traditions while maintaining whatever they want from their own culture as a personal, private issue, is reasonable. The situation with Islamic immigration has reached a crossroads however, that a banning of further immigration from Muslim countries is the only logical thing to do at this time. KGS

NOTE: It very well may be that YLE, in it’s dogged attempt to malign the True Finns, might very well put them over the top in the upcoming elections. Just wait and see.

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  1. Jobbik’s line close to thr True Finns’? How just absolutely, utterly dishonest. There are certain inherent aspects to being a neo-nazi which Jobbik’s members don’t even try to hide from the public, and which are polar opposites of what anti-islamization parties truly stand for.

  2. Islam is the univerersal religen of the world, who give the equal rights to men and women .
    Islam give us a real life to every body in the univers.No stress in islam on any anti Islam org.but many regwd person have changed the real shape of Islam.Islam is a religen of pice and love.

    1. Ejazhussain101, you’re just blowing smoke up our backsides and telling us it’s sunshine. What a bunch of hooey. The Koran itself deems a woman less than a man, and as personal property of her father, then later on, of her husband. That is not “equal rights”. You live a life of slavery, subjugation and misery, you don’t do things because it’s the “right things to do”, but because you’ll get the skin flayed off your back if you don’t. It’s a false sense of morality. As for stress, your co-religionists make it entirely clear that any rejection of Islam is in itself…an offense, and must be punished. Look at all the attempts by your fellow Muslims trying to kill or have killed those who mock islam.

      The ideology of Islam has screwed up this world to no end, and must be beaten back, with a very big stick. The ‘Religion of Pieces’ has to be defeated, and will be defeated.

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