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The schemers scheme and the plotters plot. End the UN, close the doors and pass out cell phones to everyone departing and turn the building into a condominium complex.

Here’s something that every single pro-Israel person should be worried about and keep an eye on, the UN General Assembly’s move to recognize a Palestinian state without any negotiations with Israel. They plan to circumvent UNSCR 242 totally. Brian of London tells the Tundra Tabloids:

The article is clear: it doesn’t matter if the US vetoes because the precedent from South Korea and later South Africa means there is a strong chance the GA can take over (‘Uniting for Peace’) especially if the US Veto was the only vote against statehood for them.

But really it just highlights the complete illegitimacy of the UN: who the hell is this list of despots and dictators on the GA and even some on the Security Council that Israel must beg for its existence from? Leave the UN now.


It should be stressed: The GA’s authority under the resolution is not binding, but it can certainly press supportive countries to take action, and in 1981 it did just that. It called upon member states “to render increased and sustained support and material, financial, military and other assistance to the South West Africa People’s Organization to enable it to intensify its struggle for the liberation of Namibia.” And it urged member states to immediately cease “all dealings with South Africa in order totally to isolate it politically, economically, militarily and culturally.”

The passage of that resolution, says Richard Schifter, a former US assistant secretary of state for human rights who spent years representing the US in various UN forums, “was a significant step in the process of imposing sanctions on apartheid South Africa and delegitimizing the country.”

Which is where, as you’ve doubtless figured out by now, Israel and the Palestinians come in.

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