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We have had a similar demand here in Finland, not so much about madrassas, yet, but about using Finnish universities as training facilities to create a new fleet of domestic imams. Once the already 30 000+ Muslim community begins to expand, expect the same push, (or should the TT say putsch) for secular institutions to be used to further Islam. KGS

Below is a brief report on the topic from Asia News:

Muslim Leaders Call for an Islamic Education System in Russia

The supreme mufti Talgat Tadzhutddin proposes to introduce a comprehensive network of schools, from madras to academy: so we can attract other Muslims from the West.

Moscow (AsiaNews / Agencies) — Making Russia a centre for Islamic education that will attract Muslim students from the West. This is the proposal of the supreme mufti of the Spiritual Council of Russian Muslims, Talgat Tadzhutddin, who suggests creating a network in the Federation of Islamic institutions, from the madras to the academy through universities.

More here.

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