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If the Tundra Tabloids’ memory is correct, Florida’s Pastor Jones packs a firearm. So this aught to be interesting, how many jihadis will get one between the eyes by the expert , sure shot, marksman? KGS

Pak Sunni group calls for death to American pastor Jones

M Zulqernain
MSN: Lahore, Mar 26 (PTI) A prominent group in Pakistan, the Jamaat Ahl-e-Sunnat, has called for “death” to US pastor Terry Jones for his act of burning a copy of the Quran and threatened its members will march to the Pakistani capital if the US ambassador is not expelled by April 7.

Sunnat leader Allama Riaz Husain said his organisation was giving “an ultimatum to the federal government that it should banish the US envoy by April 7 or be ready for a long march from Karachi to Islamabad”.

Husain said a Shariah or Islamic court comprising 500 clerics associated with the Sunni sect had declared Jones an “international terrorist” for desecrating the Quran and for damaging world peace.

This court had announced capital punishment for Jones, he said.

“We will hold demonstrations outside US embassies in 45 countries for Washington”s failure to take action against Jones,” he said.

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  1. A typical and completely predictable response from Pakistani Muslim fanatics. Bad news for Pastor Jones. Still, in these dark times there are glimmers of light. Yesterday in Blackpool, the EDL held a demonstration to support the reopening of the Charlene Downes case (the English girl seemingly raped, murdered and sold as kebab meat by a Muslim kebab shop owner). Charlene’s family were present and hundreds of demonstrators turned out. There were no UAF counter protesters so the demonstration was completely peaceful. So, what do we hear about it from the mainstream media: nothing. Absolutely nothing! A report with a video of speeches made at the Blackpool demo can be accessed here: https://durotrigan.blogspot.com/2011/03/edl-blackpool-demo-report-justice-for.html

  2. Ah yes . . . the religion of perpetual outrage on the march again. As I said before, however, better to read and pass on to some one who will have their eyes opened by what’s inside.

  3. Holy Quran is the book of God or Allah. The best way to show your emotions is to pray to Allah and leave the punishment into Allah’s hand. Islam is not teaching violance or killing any one to show your anger. Allah says in verse 5:9 enjoins to be just and fair even to the enemy and not to respond to his foul act with a foul act. In chapter 17 verse 11 “And that for athose who do not believe in what is to come later We have prepared a grievous punishment.
    Please visit to http://www.alislam.org

  4. For all that’s Holy…what the hell is happening out there?
    Has the media absolutely NO guts!
    Pardon my paranoia, but Jesus Murphy, is there a secret agenda in this world that is moving this Islamic crap along?


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