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It’s come to this. The junior partner in the Norwegian government, the Socialist Left Party of Kristin Halvorsen, (Sosialistisk Venstreparti), plans to vote on a measure calling for military action against Israel if it decides to act against the Hamas in Gaza. Norway, Israel and the Jews blog informs the Tundra Tabloids of the following:

NOTE: These two belong in a padded room, not in the halls of government

(The SV’s Bård Vegard Solhje and Kristin Halvorsen seen discussing on how best to attack Jews who dare defend themselves against terrorism)

Socialistic Left dubious moral tradeoff for bombing Libya: Use armed force against Israel

NIJ: The SV annual convention goes to vote. The deranged junior partner in the current government coalition will among other proposals vote on a motion to use armed force against Israel should it attack Gaza.

The motion is the blood money required to pay off SV card carrying members who find it hard to accept that they have taken the nation to war, again. Last time it did so was back in 1999, when the party backed the NATO bombing of Serbia. As a result, we got ourselves involved in a war crimes probe because of  high number of civilian casualties and bombing illegal targets.

Therefore, the only way it can be palatable to bomb Libya for these morally deranged people is if Israel can be bombed too.

Here is the less than lucid reasoning behind the motion:

– The credibility of the world community in its confrontation with the Gadafi regime is undermined when there is no reaction against other states in the region who commit injustices against civil population. The greater world community must therefore also react against Israeli air attacks on the Gaza strip.

So the rationel behind the recent action taken against the Libyan regime is gaining ground in the circles of the Norwegian Left (and most likely here in Europe as well) that something similar should be taken against the Israelis, in the event that the Jewish state reacts against terrorism. It’s an outrageous proposal to say the least, but we’re talking about Norwegian politicians here, many of whom still blame Israel for the failed peace plan that bears the name of their capital.

Prof. M. McGonagall, editor of the Israel, Norway and Jews blog, does us all a big favor in keeping a sharp eye on what passes for normal political discourse in Norway, it’s absolutely stunning for the rest of us though.

NOTE: Remember, Kristin Halvorsen is the same woman while as Finance Minister in the Norwegian government, participated in an anti-Israel demonstration where shouts of “kill the Jews” we heard, and appeared smiling. She’s now Minister of Education. Also, make sure that you read NIJ’s:

The strange world of Trond Andresen – one of the NTNU initiators of the Boycott Israel campaign and

Dershowitz on Norway: ‘A quiet and implicit boycott…’

SV allows for military force against Israel

In a proposal to the congress by a unanimous editorial committee opened it for the world community to intervene militarily against Israel if the country goes to the attacks on Gaza.

The proposal focuses on Norway’s participation in the Libyan war, is also committed to act against Israel., Writes

– The world’s credibility in the confrontation with the Gaddafi regime is weakened when the reaction to other states in the region who commit atrocities against civilians fail. The world community must also act against Israeli aircraft attack in the Gaza Strip, “the proposal for comment.

There was a proposal to send the statement back to the editorial committee, but this did not get a majority in the Assembly. On the other hand went into the congress to postpone the matter until Sunday.

– Available options

Secretary of State Roger Sandum believes the proposal does not add up to the shelling of Israeli positions.

– There are a number of other ways to act against Israel, “he says to Eve magazine.

Earlier in the day asked him how Eve magazine deputy Bård Vegard Solhjell looked at this question. He replied as follows:

– I think the important thing is to urge Israel not to bomb and attack the Palestinian territories. And demand an end to occupation and a different policy from the Israeli side.

– Stop arms sales

– But should the world community to intervene with Israel if they are ready to bomb Gaza?

– I believe that if many more countries like Norway and did not traded arms with Israel, it would be able to have a real impact on Israeli politics. They are extremely dependent on the sale and import of weapons.

– If it could be a wider support for it, it would give a real noticeable effect. Other types of things that would put the power behind the demands to the Israeli government, I mean the international community must consider and Norway to work for, “said Solhjell to Aftenbladet.

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  1. The way to fend off Norwegian Quisling attacks is to take preemptive action. Israel should downgrade diplomatic relations with Norway to the charge d’affaires level, using the reason of Norway’s recognition of Hamas as a legitimate govt. That policy should also comprise refusing to accept Norwegian citizens as officials in international organizations and UN bodies working to help the Arabs against Israel. That is, no Norwegian should be allowed to officiate in any international or UN military force supposedly acting to keep the peace between Israel and the Arabs, such as UNTSO, UNEF, etc. Likewise, no Norwegian officials –whether traveling on a Norwegian or UN passport– should be allowed to work for UNRWA if they have to traverse Israeli territory. Norway is not a neutral state. It is an anti-Israel state. Israel should not give any special privileges to holders of Norwegian diplomatic passports.
    Israel should take the initiative until Norway removes its recognition from the genocidal Hamas.

    1. Very good comment . I am ashamed of the country of my ancestors and disgusted with the king who remains mute on the subject of anti-Semitism.

      1. I refuse to let you drag my King into this, he is the Monarch of Norway and not a political leader, and he shall not have to stand you being disgusted with him.

        We’ve got a democratic elected storting, and a prime minister who should stand up for the jews, many Norwegians actually support Jews, just not Israel.

        1. That’s a boilerplate statement, we like Jews, but the world’s only Jewish state, that we don’t like. Funny you’ll never hear these same types speaking with the same conviction about Muslim states as they do about the only Jewish one.

  2. “I believe that if many more countries like Norway and did not traded arms with Israel, it would be able to have a real impact on Israeli politics. They are extremely dependent on the sale and import of weapons.”

    The trouble with Eurodhimmi’s is that they preach cultural relativism yet often are guilty of a Eurocentric/Paternalistic view of the world. This statement is a case in point by over estimating European significance; in 2009 European arms exports to Israel amounted to just 200 million pounds (, Norway’s are so insignificant they’re not mentioned in this article. To put this in perspective Israel EXPORTS about 6 BILLION dollars worth of arms each year. It’s ranked in the top 10 of world exporters but only IMPORTS about 700 million.

    It’s a little like the academic boycott of Israel the Eurodhimmi’s love, Israel would be saddened by yet another case of European hostility and betrayal but soon shrug her shoulders and move on. Israel publishes more academic papers and more books each year than the entire Arab world. I really think Europe deserves it’s friends (and colonists) the Arab/Muslim world. European elites seem to be in as much of a death cult as militant Jihadis.

    Norway is the worst possible European country; one grown super fat and confident because of oil wealth. It should be noted Israel has just announced it has discovered “gas reserves (which) are estimated at 26 trillion cubic feet or 10 times larger than Britain’s North Sea discoveries.”

    1. I feel sorry for any country that comes up against Israel…..
      Let’s see – – – God is on whose side……
      Everytime USA forses Israel into signing something that
      doesn’t agree with God, God will let them know it’s not
      in HIS will……..We’re in for a rocky road (and I’m not talking
      about ice cream)

  3. I knew that this was coming. Why don’t these people call to bomb Hamas? It’s like these people don’t have any morals at all.

  4. Norway bomb Israel? Even a threat could be interpreted as a declation of war! Do they really think that Israel would not defend itself?
    All this would amount to would be target practice and a good laugh for the IAF.
    The Vikings have long since departed Norway.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I figure Norway would have to take a huge circuit to avoid using NATO air space to conduct this attack, and upon arrival low on fuel there would be lots of debris at the bottom of the med sea after Israel got thru with them.

  5. This must be a joke, Wright? I just wonder where were these guys when the Moslims
    on October 31, 2010 entered a church in Baghdad and massacred 58 innocent worshippers (including women and children) and wounded more than 70. Need I mention the slaugher of our Coptic brothers and sisters in Egypt? I am a Christian from the Middle East and we consider the Israelis (or Jews) as allies. Mind you, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will see to it that Israel shall always exist as a nation.

  6. One of the major weapons in this propaganda war against Israel is the “Remember these Children” website which compares the numbers of Arab children who have been killed in the conflicts to the number of Jewish children murdered by terrorists. The Arab list totals 1,437 since 2000 and the Jewish list totals 130. Not withstanding that such reporting is unsubstantiated, After visiting the site, I noticed that according to this report, most of the Israeli children were murdered in drive by shootings and human bombs exploding themselves in restaurants, buses and markets. In other words, the Arab terrorists targeted those children and murdered them in cold blood. For all of the Arab children, on the other hand, the site identifies the causes of death as gun shot wounds or explosions during the firefights with Arab Hamas fighters. What were their children doing in the middle of a war zone? That is clear and convincing evidence that the Hamas thugs where using the local children as human shields. Soldiers are trained to return fire when fired upon. The bushwhacking urban guerrillas who fire at enemy troops from a neighborhood full of children are the ones causing the deaths of those children. More at

  7. Thank you for this article. It is well worth reading for the stupid Jewish peaceniks who think that they want to live in a Hebrew-speaking pagan society where they can run away from whom they are. As for the arrogant Norskies, blowing up a weapon that would cause an EMP would be the appropriate solution (even if if might put this blog-site out of business ;o(( ) to the problem. But unfortunately we do not have leaders with the guts to crush the PA or Hamas, let alone a bunch of drunken, arrogant Norskies on power trips.

    1. Hi Ruvy, Norway is a petri dish for convoluted (twisted) thinking, a bunch of self anointed elitists barely two generations from the farmlands, who think they alone have the unique calling as world peacemakers. These influential Norwegians I’m talking about (I happen to know a few who are pro-Israel) are delusional as they are dangerous.

    1. Well said Gershon. These idiots give hope to the genocidal maniacs of the world.

  8. What a pathetic bunch of eunuchs these lot are. feel sorry that norway is becoming a muslim ghetto because of the policies of these Rabies infected dogs from the left.

    1. Hi Aussie Lover, the Left has completely destroyed the psychology and make up of that country, as did their cousins in Sweden. They are their own worst enemies.

  9. I am living in Norway, and I realy hope that we will have an new government after next elektion. To live here as a jewish man is difficult, some of my friends have been beaten up by muslims, andt Kristin Halvorsen from the leftis tell that they will protect us, but around the next corner they insult us, and giv aplud to those who hate us. Why? Because the have their votes in the elektions.

  10. How does this racists and violent thugs get a chair in one of Europe’s best countries?
    Norway has always been a haven of freedom for cientists and any hardworking person to flourish. Guess they’re the grandsons of ex-nazis? But even so, how they get the support form people is beyond logic.


  12. Such a fake left, people nowadays think that what makes left and right different is your “enemy”.

    Supporting to bomb a democratic country when it attacks an Islamist terror organization doesn’t sound like left for me.

  13. Did you know Norway only bombs tanks in Libya? Let’s be sure therer were no people inside the tanks. Perhaps these kind maoists, leninists, stalinists, all crypto extreme left fascist communists will only bomb tanks. I am sure they don’t mean innocent Israeli civilians, do they? Weill hallal slaughtered pigs are seen to be flying over the Storting (parliament building ) late at night. They lose their way to Medina, [erhaps the Israeli Air force will need to show them how it is done.
    What imbeciles there people are, and they are in a government. what a sad joke of humanity

    1. I believe that this Jr. partner ( the SV) in the current Norwegian government is trying to cause their Sr.coalition partners some grief with this proposal. It’s desperately stupid and totally counterproductive, but that’s who they are.

  14. What in the world are the govt of norway and it’s good lutheran churches thinking? They are driving out their moral productive jewish citizens and bringing in hordes of islamic immigrants. The native children and grandchildren of these damm fools will surely curse and hate their parents for destroying their country. Here’s a prediction of the future of Europe: the next native generation of Europe will violently reject Islam, and European armies will invade the mideast in order to set up beach heads to deport their entire muslim populations. If the muslim nations get nuclear weapons, then this potential option for the survival of european culture is much less feasible. I’m filled with horror and fury at these damm fools and what they have done to their beautiful country and Europe. Tears of rage.

  15. Greetings from germany !

    Hey Guys, – dont wait, asking what others will do, – dont set on better elektions, on ISRAELs nuclear weapons, and dont set your focus only on leftists ideologic antiwest corruption or only based on gathering elektion votes .-
    In our land or town I can see clearly, that is a process of basical corruption as kind of anti-republican/-democratic and long-term de-christianization, accelerated by industrial im- and export interests, in germany especial by the monopolist energy ( nuclear,) gas & oil- sector, whose political agents stoppt the project, to transport NORWAYgean overflow ELECTRICY to Germany by cables. ….. For
    expl. our towns Mayor is creeping at antisemite and constitution hostile tuerk organizations or another expl., the german parliament foeign commitee chairperson “C”DU- Rupert POLENZ openly propagades the energy- geostrategic motives for holing in the Tuerky Rep. into EU, – and for neglect ISRAELs interests cynical.
    I also knowed nothing about big strategical backgrounds for long. But it is a horror, that ISRAEL- solidaric and islam -critical or -trying to reject people ignore such, though the aegytian rooted historian BAT YE’OR got wellknown in the islam critical movement: She declaired, that after 1973s anti-israeli ArabLeague OIL-boycott, under german-french guidance for “secure oil” it was implanted the opening for the islam culture and anti-israeli policy : “The euro-arab dialogue & The birth od EUrabia” , also “The anti-israeli policy of Europe will be its sinking [(or) downfall]”.

    With or without such full- based clearness, we should USE THE NEXT WEEKS for prepare and test WHAT WE CAN DO AGAINST preparations of the next rolling pro-Hamastan FLOTTILLA II ?!
    Lets bomb the mass media centers, church leaders and politicans in preparing and protest writings, lets do flash mobs and test other ideas for destroy the propaganda effect of the international pro-jihadist and antizionist idiots !

    And in long-term effect, lets CUT THE JIHAD-FINANCE PIPELINES by different decentral fuel and gas saving technologies, followed of other not combustions and not atomic means for motors and heatings,- accompanied of as a fundamental measure, to stop the African mass flight in humane wise:
    > Drown the Jihad in the desert !

  16. During the war of Independence, new Israeli piloted ME109’s shot down British piloted Spitfires. The Brits threatened to go to war with Israel, after the British led, armed andtrained Jordanian Legion were beaten.
    During the Suez War in 1970/1 Soviet MIG21’s chased an Israeli Skyhawk, for the world to know that Israeli Skyhawks were now supersonic. The Israelis offered a duel with the arrogant Russkies, who sent 6 MiG21s up aginst 6 Israeli Mirage. Result; 6 Mig21s shot down. The Egyptians were just as pleased at the downfall of their arrogant masters.
    During the Yom Kippur War, Israeli pilots faced and shot down aircraft piloted by Egyptians, Syrians, Saudis, North Koreans, Even Cubans, so I understand, Russians etc.
    A few years ago, the Israeli finally relented to US pressure to have war games over the Mediterranean betwen US^th Fleet Topdogs and their Israeli rivals. The result was something like 20 Israelis shotdown against over 200 US jets.

    Now what does Norway really hope to gain even if their pilots can be refuled over NATO countries? Perhaps Israel needs to bomb the Storting and give the Jew hating bastards a good reason to hate Israel

    1. Please. Just send some commandos to take out the lefties. We don’t need them anyway.

      I see a lot of resentment against Norway here, I hope it’s not against us as people. I can tell you all that we are quite fed up with a party that has about 5,5% of the countries voters, to go in public and humiliate our country. Most Norwegians are pro-Israel and anti-muslim, thing is if you go out in public you risk loosing your job and may have trouble getting a new one. The cultural relativists of the left control our media and still people are afraid to tell what they really mean.

      Things are changing though and more and more people are getting bolder. It is true we have been lulled into being tolerant and showing respect to the ones that show neither in return. The bloggers are not controlled by the media and there you can clearly see the real opinion of the Norwegians.

      I am praying for a real Geert Wilders type of leader to take charge and throw all the lechers of our social benefits back to their native muslim countries. We are tired of the multicultural dream of our left-wing politicians.

      We need to stand together against the real enemy, Islam, not fight amongst us for something said by ludicrous politicians. Our soldiers would never engage in a war against a western democracy anyway. We’d sooner turn against our own government.

      All I ask is that you turn your anger against those who deserve it, and that is our left-wing politicians.

      1. Listen Alex, I’m not irrational, my beef is with the loon Left, whether it be of the international or ultra-nationalist variant, not with normal Norwegians. I know and am friends with Norwegians. While it sucks having Norway dragged through the mire, I do hope I make it clear exactly who I’m aiming at, and it’s not the sane part of Norway, but the unhinged loony Left. You and others are not the target. Just thought I’d make that point clear. One of my good friends is Fjordman, one of the backbone thinkers behind the counterjihad.

  17. I have lived in Norway for many years and the more the Breivik case progresses the clearer it becomes why this attack happened exactly here. There is a tone of insanity over Norwegian politics, hate is preached by the Left and is widely accepted. Islam is not perceived as a threat and multiculturalism is obliterating native Norwegian culture. The New Norwegians, as immigrants are called, flock here because their chances of being allowed to settle are good and the social handouts in the worlds richest land are exorbitant. Without the oil revenues the Norwegian economy would have collapsed long ago, and even with these revenues the social security benefit, hospital, school, road and pension budgets are all under severe strain. Billions of crowns are given away in unaccounted for foreign aid. The soon to be half a million non-contributing immigrants in a population of four million native Norwegians will cause the economy to collapse eventually.

    1. Philip, you are oh so right. Now be prepared to be called a waycist and bigot by all who disagree with us.

  18. Anders: shut up. We Jews don’t need your bone you throw at us. You support Jews, but not Israel? Who do you think you are? Israel is sure a better place than your Islam-loving, Jew-hating boring country of Norway.

    Go away, little man.

  19. Kristin Halvorsen has been going to Pakistan before (Norwegian) elections. To Punjab. This is where some of her voters have their secondary villas. One of her travelling friends has been president of the (Norwegian) parliament, Akthar Chaudry, a citizen honored by Pakistan for his work in Norway.

    Akthar Chaudry and Aburrehman Khan, both SV, go to Pakistan to warm up the Punjab SV voters. Kristin Halvorsen is following them soon, NRK could tell the Norwegians before the 2005 elections – in Oslo!

    Already years back, Aftenposten asked if the Oslo elections might be decided in Pakistan, and not in Oslo, referring to the overlords’ decisions which party and which representatives to vote for. Infiltrations, infiltration, infiltration and decisions taken by clan leaders in islamic countries like Pakistan.

    What else don’t we know?

    You must keep this in mind when considering what is going on in Norway.

  20. @Elena says:
    28/03/2011 at 17:00

    How does this racists and violent thugs get a chair in one of Europe’s best countries?

    Just saw this after I posted. I think I answered your question, Elena.
    And one more thing, Akthar Chaudry wrote about how he dreamt of ”
    sailing to Gaza“, ref Mavi Marmara, stating that one of his primary tasks as a politician is working for “the palestinians”.

    Another Norwegian parliament representative, Foss, said Chaudry by “sailing to Gaza” would set a bad example as a representative of the parliament, to which Chaudry replies in his dream.

    – If we cannot use our positions to fight for the causes we stand for, what good are they, then?

  21. Bård Vegard Solhjell is now minister of the environment

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