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The Tundra Tabloids can only wish for this statist ‘fecal head’ to crawl back under the slimy rock from which he came. Always keeping it classy, right Osmo?

Osmo Soininvaara: “The True Finns are political parasites”

The highly respected Finnish blogger, Kumitonttu, gives the Tundra Tabloids the heads up on a statement by well known Finnish ex-politician from the Greens party, Osmo Soininvaara, who has a history of making all kinds of equally troubling statements.

Though he now operates from a private capacity, he still remains an influential voice in Finnish politics, unfortunately. In a Helsingin Sanomat column, Heikki Aittokoski, makes mention of a recent statement by Soininvaara that reveals this fecal head’s mindset. He’s a statist for sure, as well as sharing an affinity for the words and ideas of another failed, statist ideology, the referred to a certain people as rats and vermin.

In short, the man is both an embarrassment as well as a menace. KGS

Heikki Aittokoski:

Finns truly live in their own detached reality. It is also reflected in political rhetoric, which is devoid of any sense of history. Last Friday, Osmo Soininvaara (Green) revealed an elegant attitude towards the True Finns party, who criticized them as “political parasites. “

Such a thing can be mentioned in Finland without a worry. What did it matter that the parasitic animal was favored by the National Socialists in the characterization of the Jews.

OS: For me, a parasite is a purely an ecological term, which does not involve a greater emotional charge than the decay of fungi. The word parasite has quite different connotations in my opinion. But if parasite is commonly equated as a bloodsucker, I guess I will have to start using other, unfortunately, longer terminology.

NOTE: The man shows that he has no clear understanding of history, and the ramifications for the use of such terminology. Stunning.

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  1. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that these Green-Lefties call those, who dare to oppose their theory of Global Warming, as denialists (The denialists are believers). I don’t say they use the same words and phrases on purpose – because that would make them look even more idiotic – but it is very describing how theyFIND those same words so easily for the same purpose.

    In this piece of news the spokesman of the Left admits that he considered joining the Greenies 12 years ago. Who do they fool?

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