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The “Chinless One” and the cadre of generals around him will not allow the military to do “an Egypt”, it’s simply not going to happen. They’ve already killed over a hundred protesters, and the Tundra Tabloids does not see their tactics changing any time soon, as I have said earlier. KGS

UPDATE: Barry Rubin has an excellent take as well:

As for Syria, can anyone tell us why the Syrian army will stand by the regime? Okay, I’ll do it. Syria is run by the Alawite minority who simply aren’t real Muslims but pretend to be Shia when that suits them. The Alawites know that a revolution would almost certainly produce an Islamist takeover and certainly a Sunni Muslim one. And such a regime would line a lot of the Alawites up against a wall and…bang, bang, bang.

Gates calls for Syrian forces to move aside

FT: Syria should follow Egypt’s lead and the Syrian army should “empower a revolution”, Robert Gates, US secretary of defence, argued as thousands marched in a southern city.

Mr Gates made his comments – some of the toughest remarks to date by a US official about the rule of Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s president – on a day of further upheaval in the Middle East and beyond.

The White House signalled it was preparing for a change in power in Yemen, where it has been allied with the government of Ali Abdullah Saleh, president. Nato allies reached a deal in which the alliance will take over command of the Libyan no-fly zone, although responsibility for strikes on forces loyal to Col Muammer Gaddafi will not immediately come under the Nato umbrella.

Drawing a parallel between the unrest in Syria and the protests that unseated Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s former president, Mr Gates said: “I’ve just come from Egypt, where the Egyptian army stood on the sidelines and allowed people to demonstrate and in fact empowered a revolution. The Syrians might take a lesson from that.”

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  1. Again, here is the naïvist beliefs that lead to the intervention in Lybia, Syrian regime is bad and thus, its opposition is good. I´m pretty sure the israelies wil be thrilled at the idea of another potential islamist regime next to them. Difference is, Syria have grown much military stronger than Libya, thus no intervention.

    Would Obama start a war with Iran, if he only dare to wage war against a country of roughly 6 millions facing a civil war, that without sending troops and needing Anglo-French? There is really only one way the israelies will have an intervention against Iran, by doing it themselves, the chances of such an intervention being catastrophically botched would also be significantly reduced that way.

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