Palestinian terrorism


The Tundra Tabloids has been following the controversy surrounding this pro-Palestinian movie from the sidelines as well, and agrees with the Elder, the poster for the movie is enough to turn the stomach.

So the TT will produce a couple of the posters the EOZ has posted on his blog, and you can go there for the rest. It matters not how sugar coated the bomb carrier may be, as long the intention is to murder as many people as possible and injure the rest, the terrorist is pure evil, regardless of the eye candy. KGS

See the rest here.

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  1. Crime? Terrorism? Misintegration? Let not those words confuse, it is nothing short of a war, a merciless and messy one. It may have many aspects but all of them have the same roots.

    Some says terrorism is part of islam, that simply isn´t true, the objective is far worst than the methode.

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