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  1. Better perhaps to read the thing and then pass it on to another ignorant person who will hopefully profit thereby.

    The basic problem is that the average person is quite ignorant of the Koran’s teachings.

  2. If it was in arabic, it was a real koran. the book requires authorized interpretors to interpret and apply consistent with the traditions and the hadiths …. or else they’ll kill you. translations might be helpful especially if Robert Spencer’s “blogging the koran” is referenced to find the hadiths that mainstream islam uses.
    and the koran is a book (a demon inspired book), but nonetheless…. a book cannot be ‘found guilty’.

    1. I think it was more a verdict on Allah than on the mere pages of a book.

  3. I found the flames coming out of the CRAPPY book beautiful!!!! This girl thanks the church for burning this abomination of Gods’ words!!!! If it were only so easy to get rid of ALL the Muslims corrupting this country with their PIG-SHIT!!!!

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