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This is the same Danish artist that folded a Koranic verse into a paper airplane and raised the hair on every Muslim back in Denmark. KGS


The Local: A painting by Anders Zorn, one of Sweden’s most prized painters, has fallen foul of Facebook’s zero tolerance policy for its depiction of a naked woman in a loft, local newspaper Sydsvenskan reports.

Danish performance artist Uwe Max Jensen was furious after Facebook removed a copy of Zorn’s 1905 painting ‘The Girl in the Loft’ that he had posted to the social networking website along with several other paintings by the artist, who died in 1920.

“It’s cultural imperialism if Facebook is going to determine what’s pornography and what’s art,” Jensen told the Sydsvenskan daily.

The Dane has previously posted other images that contravene the American company’s policy, and Facebook has now blocked Jensen from posting any further images to the site.

In 2005, Jensen was fined 2,000 Danish kroner (now $380) for urinating on a wall. The peeing demonstration was intended as a piece of public art demonstrating the transitory nature of existence.

Facebook’s Swedish spokesperson, Jan Fredriksson, said the company had a clear anti-nudity policy, with members as young as 13-years-old using the site in countries all over the world.

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  1. Well, I guess nobody ought to put up a page devoted to Reubens’ works, hmm? I’ll bet you anything that they’ve passed on some fairly “transgressive” stuff while the Culture Police ban images like this.

    Many, many years ago, in his “youth” the Baron took part in a funny homemade film that included some of his paintings (no nudes, though). He was the artist displaying his work and his friend was a member of the Culture Police, hauling him away.

    When I saw the short piece they’d done (maybe late 70s?), I thought it silly and funny. Now it would give me a chill to watch it…

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