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Oh, and they had no knowledge of his many videos, and we’re also to believe that he didn’t make any anti-Semitic remarks during his speech in Sweden. What a bunch of liars. KGS

Reinhard notes: “The organization responsible is Islamiska förbundet, which was previously headed by Waberi, the Muslim Brotherhood operative who is now an MP for the “conservatives”. But it is nice to see this episode highlighted in DN, the most left-leaning of the two major Swedish newspapers. It seems Islamists are fair targets (and the use of MEMRI in the article is a nice touch).”

Abdirisak: Anti-Semite sheik? I know nothing, I see nothing and I hear nothing!

Islamic group invited anti-Semitic speaker

Published: 25 Mar 11 07:38 CET |

The Islamic Association in Sweden (Islamiska Förbundet) engaged lecturers with anti-Semitic opinions at a conference in Stockholm in December, with one known for spreading myths about Jewish conspiracies and ritual killings, reported the Dagens Nyheter (DN) daily.

The Local: The newspaper names, among others, Salah Sultan, an Egyptian professor who has expressed anti-Semitism in several film clips on Youtube.

In one particular film, he quoted a myth which circulated in the Middle Ages of Jewish ritual murder, DN reported.

Sultan has also gone on the record with claims that Jews are part of an international conspiracy trying to control the world.

After being shown the YouTube clips of the Egyptian speaking, Abdirizak Waberi, a member of parliament and former chairperson of the Islamic Association, expressed surprise.

“We have invited him in good faith,” he said.

Waberi stressed that had the association known of the film clips, the lecturer would probably not have been invited. He furthermore underlined that Sultan said nothing that could be construed as anti-Semitic during the course of the conference.

More here.

NOTE: Oh and by the way, the OIC would reject the notion of the sheik being an anti-Semite, since it rejects the phenomenon of Islamic anti-Semitism altogether.

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  1. what Jew has ever said they want to take over the world? BUT many muslims have said that islam should rule the planet – eg, anjem choudry.

  2. yes and in malmo the jewish community was denied a permit to use video surveillance to protect community sites against muslim -perpetrated hate crimes. why? because it violates swedish privacy. serious hypocrisy.

  3. Ritual killings,plans to take over the world? Sounds like another religion we are now all familiar with. These Islamic racists and bigots have no tolerance for anybody or anything,yet if I speak out against them,I’m the racist?? Islam has taken over Communism as the main threat to the West,and needs to be seen as such. These people have absolutely nothing in common with us,and have nothing to offer us.They don’t come to the West to escape Islam,they bring it with them.This needs to be understood.

  4. With the number of Judeophobic Imans out there I think they’d probably be struggling to get one who wasn’t. The Italian sheikh Abdul Hadi Palazzi is one of the few who has a good relationship with Jews and Judaism.

  5. While its good the spotlight is heavily on Islam,and has been for ten years,we need to keep attention on other minorities who’ve escaped the glare in recent years. In my country,Africans,Indians and Chinese are quietly moving in,breeding like flies and are responsible for some hideous crimes,whilst largely slipping the radar. Who wants their cities to be full of Africans? The Chinese and Indians start up businesses and employ only their own,and the negroes are building up an image as a voilent and lazy pack of ferals. The future for our grandchildren is utterly gloomy.

  6. I’m beginning to think that the Tundratabloids doesn’t like me…

    I’ve tried again and again with longer posts so I’ll make this short and sweet:

    Abdirisak Waberis’ nephew Abdulaziz Abdullahi Mohamed Hussein currently serves a 16 year sentence for murder and attempted rape after having been convicted for what was probably the murder that got the most media attention last year. Abdirisak’s daughter testified for her cousin, giving him a (false) alibi for the time of the murder. The victim of the murder was Syriac Christian Nancy Tavsan. Abdulaziz has a long history of serious assaults against Christian women. None against muslim women.

    If there’s any way of getting my longer post with references and a court document in, please let me know.

    1. Hey Jacob, I get every single comment that comes through, for approval, those commenters that have already been approved on prior occasions get their comments published automatically, there’s no waiting for me. If you’re having a problem with posting, please write you material on note pad, then copy and paste it directly into the comments. I haven’t a clue to the problem you’re having, I’m not blocking you in any way whatsoever.


      1. Okay, I’ll try again (I saved my post as a txt when it failed last time).

        One of the murders that has gotten the most attention in Sweden in the last few years is the murder of (Syriac Christian) Nancy Tavsan. The murder took place at one in the morning on the 30th of December, 2009. At 01:03, Nancy called her friend Julia ***. (full name in linked court document)
        This call lasted 353 seconds, i.e. almost six minutes. That means that the call took place between 01:03 and 01:09. Before the call was broken, Julia heard her friend saying “what are you doing?” to someone three or four times.

        At “about” the same time, one Abdulaziz Abdullahi Mohamed Hussein arrived home. His cousin reports in her testimony that she was spending the evening with her cousins and that she made a point of looking at the computer and noting the time when Abdulaziz arrived. She noted that the time was 01:12 exactly. She’s very sure of the time in her testimony. After a few minutes he left again. The claims that she gave an earlier time to the police when she was interviewed by the police before the trial is incorrect.

        Now, why do I post this? I post this because the witness I refer to above is one Hibo Waberi – Daughter of Abdirisak Waberi.

        The court does not believe that she remembers the time when her cousin (Abdirisak Waberi’s nephew) arrived home correctly. (I.e. that she lied to cover for him).

        Abdulaziz Abdullahi Mohamed Hussein was convicted of having attemted to rape and then murdering Nancy Tavsan. This was not Abdulaziz first assult on women while living in Sweden. His first (known/recorded) serious assault took place in ninth grade at the school he went to. He beat and kicked a girl senseless while his friends kept guard and kept the girls friends away. He proceeded to pull her clothes off. Her friends were able to rescue her before Abdulaziz had the time to follow through with the rape. Over the years Abdulaziz followed up this assault with many other serious assaults. Unprovoked serious assaults of women on public transport. Attacks and attempted rapes. The one thing that these women seem to have in common is that they’re not muslim.

        I do wonder where Abdulaziz Abdullahi Mohamed Hussein acquired his contempt/hate of non muslim women? Surely not his family, including his uncle Abdirisak Waberi?

        Oh yea…did I mention that Abdulaziz and his family were illegal residents in Sweden? Living off Swedish wellfare, of course.

        The court document with the sentence and the testimonials of the witnesses can be found (in original Swedish) as a PDF through this link:å-Nancy-Tavsan.pdf

        Here’s hoping…

        /Jacob M

        1. I want to make a correction/clarification: The he was only convicted of of having murdered Nancy Tavsan, the attempted rape conviction regarded another women that he had assaulted and beaten unconscious in downtown Gothenburg on the 20th of December, ten (or nine, depending on how you count) days prior to murdering Nancy Tavsan. When that woman came too, Abdulaziz had managed to pull her underwear down to her ankles and was pulling down his own pants. Even though he put both hands on her neck and choked her, she manged to scream for help, Abdulaziz to flee.

          The fact that Abdulaziz had a long history of repeated violent assaults on (non-muslim) women apparently didn’t count as a good enough reason for Abdirisak Waberi to keep his children from spending time this violent rapist murdering scum. Could it be that it didn’t count as any wrong-doing since Abdulaziz is male and his victims weren’t muslim?

          1. I apologize for my poor English in the previous posts. Writing this makes me rather angry, making me miss words and generally botching up the language of my posts.

            /Jacob M

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