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  1. If this message was presented in Australia the mass media would be frothing at the mouth.

    Present the plain unvarnished facts and they go weak at the knees, start wringing their hands, obfuscate, and introduce all manner of logical fallacies because they have not got any ammunition in the arsenel.

  2. As I posted on other blogs. IT will take a Herculean effort to change or motivate a group that has been force fed and indoctrinated for1400+ yrs. to think and worship one way. Never even being allowed to question or challenge the teachings of the prophet. Constantly being berated and living under a threat of harm from Imams, religious police, or fellow Muslims. As a group I see very little effor by them to assimilate, modify behavior, or change. IMHO when it comes to most Muslims it’s always their way or no way.

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