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We shall have to wait to see if this turns out to be true, and if it is, it shows what exactly is waiting in the wings to take over in Libya. KGS

Libyan suicide pilot may have killed Gaddafi’s son Khamis

There were reports emerging last night that one of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi’s sons had been killed during an air strike on Libyan capital Tripoli.

According to Arab newspapers, the dictator’s sixth son, Khamis, was killed when a Libyan suicide pilot deliberately crashed his jet into Gaddafi’s Bab al-Azizia compound on Saturday.

The Arabian Business News website claimed Khamis died from his burns later in a Tripoli hospital.

However, the reports have been denied by the Libyan government.

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  1. Obama and Proto-napoleon are mixing desire and reality, any opposition to Gaddafi just have to be pro-western and democratic, right?

    Oh yes, the rebels are asking for foreign intervention, waving the old Libyan flag and telling sarkozy, obama and cameron everything they want to hear. How could they not? They use facebook or dating websites, so they sure as hell cannot be islamic, go figure, meanwhile Gaddafi is bad, thus the rebellion cannot help but be good.

    But would we be told they are muslimes outraged, enraged by Gaddafi´s unislamic regime? That this is an armed islamist insurrection and not innosunt civiiiilians, defenceless victimes of born-again bad Gaddafi´s merciless dictatorship? Would the truth be told or mererly convenient lies and dellusions? The former, of course.

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