Anti-Islamization Australia EDL Tommy Robinson


Thanks to Aeneas for the H/T on this. Tommy Robinson is interviewed as well. KGS

AENEAS: “The following is the 60 Minutes programme that the English Defence League participated in last Tuesday in London.”

UPDATE: Vlad noticed at the 10 minute mark the interviewer stated: “is the english defence league just working class lads like yourself who are racist”??!!” and did then edited out the response. The TT receives word from someone who was there during the filming, that he said something like ‘of course we are not racist‘.

It’s just like these journalists, (this one was rather even handed) who can’t keep from constantly speaking about racism and multiculturalism, it’s like they’ve got Tourette’s syndrome.

VLAD: This is simply not acceptable. All the people present in that room, should sue.


NOTE: What irks the Tundra Tabloids most, is the misuse of the term “Multiculturalism”. The Tundra Tabloids isn’t buying into the meme that Australia is in fact a multicultural society. Like in the United States so in Australia, it’s a “melting pot” of cultures into one identifiable culture, (E pluribus unum) “one from many”, making it an unique Australian culture. It’s the melting pot that produces Australia’s cohesive multi-ethnic society.

The fact is, multiculturalism is the death knell to a melting pot society, it pits one culture against the other in an endless struggle. So it’s high time for people to wise up to the real definitions of the terms that they are using. If one is for “Multiculturalism, they are not for assimilation which produces the multi-ethnic melting-pot society they are driving for.

An added side note for the Australianized Muslima interviewed, her kind of cultural Islam is only allowed in a insular society void of the fundamuslimists, the very kind that have proven themselves to be very successful in turning one Islamic community after the other, towards a fundamentalist view of Islam.

Sam Harris: “The problem with Islamic fundamentalism, are the fundamentals of Islam.”

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  1. Advice to Tony Robinson

    See lawyer. See if he cant sue 60 mts for racism and hate speech against the “working class”. Using working class and labelling them all as racists, is in a normal person’s book, hate speech.

  2. The Australianized Muslima is a joke.

    But the whole thing is not as bad as I expected.

    The journo is oblivious to the fact that a lowly female is only worth half of a man and in an Islamic country he would have not even able to interview her. She has no standing in Islamic society and her views are irrelevant, because she speaks for no one but herself.

    Let us know when she needs a safe house when she gets beaten to a pulp by her Muslim hubby, or when her parents want to murder her for not wearing the veil.

  3. Australia is proceeding down the same path as any other western country that has accepted significant numbers of Muslim immigrants.

    Australia is no longer a melting pot of different ethnic immigrant groups producing a cohesive multi-ethnic society as you put it.

    This was the case up to the late seventies and early eighties when the first waves of Muslim immigrants – principally from Lebanon hit our shores.

    Since then the all to familiar pattern of “you give, we take” – otherwise we will engage in our typical egocentric and sometimes antisocial behaviour, has become increasingly prominent.

    The simple stark fact is that these people do not integrate into a so-called melting pot for the simple reason that their cult forbids this.

    So Australia is no longer a melting pot where forging a common identity is a continual ongoing process.

    Tommy Robinson has warned Australians about what is to come unless we wake up.

    The biggest concern is the dhimmi leftwing media and the dhimmi politicans who all seem to think that multi-culturalim is wonderful and we do it better than anyone.

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