Anti-Islamization Australia


Thanks to the Sheik for this. This is one, very brave, courageous woman. Note how the Muslim interviewed calls her “ignorant”, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Islamization is a natural occurrence wherever one or more mohammedans washes ashore. History bears this out. KGS

The Sheik; Naturally, the far left  drones from 9MSM have their knickers in a twist over this one.  Watch, literally how the saliva drips from the vid as they lick their  agenda driven chops: “the next Pauline Hanson: hard line anti-Islamist lets fly at the Muslim religion,” – and of course, for the far left loons, its all about ‘race’. NSW total recall  PM Christina Keneally  shrieks ‘racist’ (Islam is not a race, oh how they wish it was, because they can never win the argument in an open debate!) and the ‘most radical group in the country is the Q-Society”.

The swine from the media are not only guilty of dereliction of duty, they are also complicit in the Islamization of the country.  As the table is turning, we will ensure that none of them is ever again gainfully employed to misinform. Enough is enough!

Here is the Homepage of Q Society: if you haven’t registered yet, do it now.

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