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The Tundra Tabloids doesn’t celebrate women’s day because socialist thinking lies there in the background, so the day passed uneventful-like here at the TT ranch. Actually, there was no intention to post on it all, until now, thanks to a TT reader. KGS

Palestinians celebrate woman’s day with first female suicide bomber

The Al-Amari Palestinian youth center has announced a football tournament for youth to be held later this week, named after the first Palestinian female suicide bomber Wafa Idris.

Wafa Idris was the first Palestinian female suicide bomber. She blew herself up in Jerusalem, killing one and injuring more than 150 on Jan. 27, 2002. As a volunteer for the Palestinian Red Crescent, she was able to bypass Israeli security and enter Jerusalem in a Palestinian ambulance. Since her bombing, Israel has been forced to delay Palestinian ambulances entering Jerusalem at security check points.

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