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Expo is a far-left radical organization founded by a communist, (and run by them) that promotes itself as the Swedish vanguard against racism, homophobia, Islamophobia and a host of other bigotries. It’s been stated before that EXPO has a more than close working relationship with the Swedish SDP party, and with this appointment of Mona Sahl, former party spokesman for the SDP, to its board, is proof of it.

EXPO has been used by the SDP,  and the leftist Swedish media as well, in keeping the flame hot on the Sweden Democrats, in what could properly be described as a modern day witch hunt. Glad to see Mona coming out of the closet and publicly join the EXPO board of commie nut jobs, we who follow such things knew she was a fellow traveler all along. KGS

NOTE: The woman who says: “The fight against racism and xenophobia has always been central to me”, has no problem in addressing crowds of demonstrators waving flags of Hezbollah and Hamas. In  fact, she wants to get both groups off the terrorist watch lists.

Mona Sahlin new member of Expos Foundation Board

March 8, 2011 16:26 AM

MyNewsDesk: Mona Sahlin is a new member of Expo’s Foundation Board. Yesterday the Expo foundation held its annual meeting. The educator and former police officer Michael Lundh chose to leave his position after many years of faithful service. Mona Sahlin was elected as a new board member.

– We are extremely pleased that from now on to have Mona Sahlin in our government. Mona has a solid commitment to the issues we work with. Her long experience in political life will be very helpful in our efforts to highlight and address issues of racism and xenophobia, “said Charles Westin, president of Foundation Expo

– The fight against racism and xenophobia has always been central to me, it seems natural to now continue on the Expo, “said Mona Sahlin.

More here in Swedish

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