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  1. More proof , as I have stated many times , one can never have an honest, discussion, debate, conversation, or dare to question any facet or teaching of Islam or the ‘Holy Quran’. They are always right and loudly accuse we Infidels of not ‘understanding’. Let’s face it all of these panels are nothing more than propaganda pulpits to brainwash and smooth over the student and general population.

  2. We are going to witness this kind of action over and over in the next five years.

    The bedrock of democracy is the right to speak freely without fear of intimidation.

    When a university of all places shuts down discussion on a legitimate topic we all need to be concerned about where our way of life is heading.

    At some point the worm has to turn. We will reach a point where citizens will say enough – we are not going to tolerate this insane political correctness and restraint on the right to express one’s opinion freely without fear of intimidation.

    That day will come.

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