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Each of these so called “conservative” parties in Finland are statists, not true fiscally responsible, supporters of limited government. It’s really frustrating to see supposed “conservatives” arguing over which is the better way to plunder the voter, through VAT tax system or through raising taxes on the “wealthy”.

Whether it’s the National Coalition or the True Finns, (and the Center party as well), they are all supporters of the welfare state and are therefor, “statists”, who believe in big government to solve all of society’s ills. There was never a tax that didn’t greet a friendly eye here in the Finnish socialist parliament, they’re always bellied up to the trough.

If the TT had to pick between the two schemes, it would have to pick the True Finns’ plan of  “soaking the wealthy” (like picking between being executed, guillotine or by electric chair) solely because it’s the more honest of the two. The VAT tax is a ‘hidden tax’ that obscures the tax burden and the true cost of government services from taxpayers, as well as being an all too quick and easy method to raise funding for the decrepit political system that refuses to cut bloated government and scale back expensive entitlement programs.

Anyways it all sucks, no matter which way you slice it, there’s no politician willing to stick his or her neck out and demand a cutting back on the welfare system in any meaningful way, with the intention of returning individual responsibility back over to the people. At times this moronic political system is just too much to ponder, let alone to handle. KGS


Katainen and Soini at Odds on Taxation

The National Coalition approach to taxation policy appears to be at odds with the True Finns position income taxes. In their own election programme issued on Friday, the True Finns declared that they’re prepared to increase income taxes for the highest income earners, while maintaining current levels of income tax for middle- and low-income earners.

Katainen dismissed the True Finns proposal as incompetent.

Beyond the Welfare State?

The National Coalition Party has dubbed its election programme “Matkaopas Paremminvointivaltioon”.

The central question that the manifesto poses to the electorate is, “Why not stop acting like tourists and become residents of a welfare state, who actively and enthusiastically bear responsibility for ourselves, for each other and for our country’s future?”

The party says it is committed to the preservation of the welfare state but that the better welfare state could only be built by the people.

Read the entire farce all here.

NOTE: Continue to jump head first into the slave state, the water’s fine!

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  1. If the tax increases and child benefit cuts proposed by the True Finns election manifesto were realized, my family would lose thousands of euros per year. Their tax and economic policy is basically just old-style social democracy. True Finns in the government with Social Democrats and Center Party would mean tax increases and no cuts in government spending.

    So there is a risk in voting for True Finns. However, at the same time it is easy to find reasons to vote for them. The current ruling parties (including the faux conservative National Coalition Party) and the way they have run the country during the past four years are the biggest reason to go for True Finns.

    1. I hear you Vasarahammer. I have to hold my nose while marking the X. The National Coalition’s increase of VAT only assures us that they are big spenders as well. I think we’re splitting hairs here though. How much of a level of tyranny is never a good starting point for discussion. 😉

  2. Nothing sharpens the mind when the state faces bankruptcy. Ireland has bit the bullet. Greece, Spain and other countries will have to face cutting back welfare. Taxes will have to rise while welfare is cut. But that is not enough, as the situation will lead to a depression. Eventually taxes will have to be cut while still reducing welfare. Its all coming to a head. Oil price is surging, cost of staples is shooting up. Also the scam of AGW will have to be abandoned or else whatever wealth producing industry is left will depart for China. No nation is immune.

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