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Utopian socialist public healthcare will never be achieved, though they may for decades to come. Long lines, an increasing lack of experience in doctors, waiting forever to operated on in non-life threatening situations. Face it, the fact that more than 50% of Finns opt out for private medical care thrusts a major harpoon into the highly vaunted myth of  “free”, state run socialized medicine as being the best method for dispensing healthcare. KGS

NOTE: After all these years of statist socialist meddling in the healthcare industry, they still can’t get it right. It’s the main reason why US citizens are rejecting Obamacare, as they should. Socialism does not work, no matter in what field it’s tried.

YLE Quizzes Parties on Healthcare Reform

With parliamentary elections approaching, a fresh YLE poll finds little difference in the political parties’ approach to healthcare reform. Parties’ internal conflicts seem more likely to stall the health reforms than problems between parties.

Finland’s healthcare system has plenty of critics. Tuula Olander, for instance, is used to queuing at Kallio Health Station in Helsinki and complains that there are not enough doctors. Olander also laments the fact that many of the doctors who have treated her are young. Admitting their poor knowledge on Olander’s diabetes, the young doctors refer her to more experienced nurses.

Finland’s public healthcare has become a complicated field over the years, as new systems have been introduced by successive governments. With so many overlaid systems, healthcare in Finland is now facing crisis.

YLE asked the parties presently sitting in Parliament how Finland’s healthcare system should be reformed.

Similar priorities

All parties agreed that well-functioning public healthcare is essential.

The parties also agreed that public healthcare was of primary importance, followed by work health and private healthcare services.

The parties were also largely in agreement in asserting that Finland’s basic healthcare should be mainly based on public healthcare, with supplementary health services being bought from the private sector. The True Finns Party, the Social Democratic Party, the Left Alliance and the Greens also wanted to slow down the privatization of health services.

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  1. You’re right, the Americans have a better system. Sure, it has flaws, but it couldn’t be as horrible as our system. They don’t have waiting lists and they have the best technologies. What is it with Europeans not wanting to make their own decisions about health care?

    1. It’s called Nannystatism POTB, they refuse to take full responsibility for their own lives.

      1. Yeah I know, but the thing is our social security systems don’t encourage people to take responsibility for their own actions. It’s not just health care I’m talking about. I feel that people have become lazy because of the whole system. Lazy people who aren’t going to look for a job, single moms who think it’s better to ask money from the government instead of working, college students who seem to think that everyone else should pay for their college expect for themselves and so on and so forth. Those systems make us weak.

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