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Boss man: “Here in the good ol’ EU we get our peoples’ minds right, then let them vote our way.”

British Foreign Secretary William Hague: The credibility of the Libyan government in these matters has been undermined so far by their failure to protect their own people and to respond to their legitimate grievances,” Hague said as he arrived for a meeting in Brussels of EU foreign ministers about the crisis.

Finland’s foreign minister, Alexander Stubb, asked on Monday: ‘How can we on one side look at what’s going on in Libya, with almost 300 people shot dead, and not talk about sanctions or travel bans for instance for Gaddafi, and at the same time put travel bans and sanctions in Belarus?’

Well guess what? The EU is a dictatorial in its methods of browbeating and propagandizing the electorate as are the ME thugs in the ME and Maghreb, it’s just that they don’t use overt force in maintaining their rule, or at least most of the time, click here as well. When the people of the formerly independent states of the EEC refuse the Brussels’ self imposed mandate of a federalized Europe, they just pour on the pressure and make sure people vote the right way, and “when they get it wrong” they keep forcing one vote after the other until they get their way.

The EU needs to take its own advice and listen to the people, which means a referendum on the fate of the EU as it stands, the undemocratic, statist, top down soft tyranny that it’s become, before it can moralize about another state to listen to its people. What a bunch of immoral losers many of these EU/Europeans are. KGS

NOTE: They, the EUocrats impose sanctions on the Belarus state, yet impose no sanctions whatsoever on the Fakestinians who launch war crime rockets upon the heads of Israeli citizens. That makes Stubb both a hypocrite and immoral, and they he’s what they call “one of the one of Europe’s most talented and high-profile diplomats,” yeah…riiiiight.

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  1. The EU Bosses are the ones with a” failure to communicate”, some politicians you just can’t reach. If Belarus was laden with oil the EU bosses would be on their knees.

    1. that’s a good point Big Frank, they would be bellying up to the bar.

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