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Over at Doc’s Talk, run by GS Don Morris, Ph.D., he brings up a worrisome development that should concern every stalwart supporter of the Jewish state of Israel, that being, a concerted move by the hard-Left to make inroads into the Christian community to subvert their support for the state of Israel.

This movement uses every trick in the book that hard Left uses elsewhere, like distorting the facts, omissions of the truth and outright propagandizing and bald face lying. One of the tell tale signs that not all is well, is the stark refusal to address the plight of Arab Christians in relation to how they’re treated by the Muslim majority wherever they happen to live.

Read what Don has to say, and for all the Tundra Tabloids’ Christian readers, make sure that your fellow church members understand that the hard Left is targeting them, and do not let them and their message get into the door. KGS

Christian Community-You have been targeted

A well organized and significantly funded disinformation and intentional misrepresentation campaign has identified the American and Canadian Christian communities for intrusion. The campaign is in full swing now and will be amped up during the coming months and years. The message is quite simple: delegitimize Israel by means of revisionist history, lies and out right fabrication of facts. The purpose is to continue the isolation of Israel among the international community. The end game is the elimination of Israel.

As a resident of Israel and pro-Israel supporter I am no longer willing to sugar coat the events and circumstances that have become the Arab-Israeli narrative. I choose to write and speak to you as adults. My intention is to alert you to the truth and I have faith in you to determine for yourselves the requisite actions in which you will engage. Unlike our enemies I will not misrepresent the facts nor share revisionist history talking points for purposes of indoctrination.

Let us begin by acknowledging our shared values: Judeo-Christian beliefs and actions. Peoples in Israel and America created two nations grounded in these values. Legal systems, social behavior practices and ethical practices have been fomented in these shared values. We are intrinsically linked yet have unique differences that enrich both our countries. These values have generated principles of behavior specific to each of our social-political standings in the world community of nations. Since 1948 we have established any number of personal, social, economic, research, educational and military relationships that serve our populations and in turn have produced programs, products, medicines and technology that serve to improve the quality of life for all human beings-including our shared enemies.

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