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Pop the cork on that one, good job Channel 4, one down, hundreds to go. KGS

But teachers at the school insist the undercover reporter captured an isolated incident where a 17-year-old senior student was talking to pupils.

The have provided a letter which shows that he was expelled for his views last August – five months before the school was made aware of the tapes by producers.

A Birmingham faith leader has now backed the school’s record of teaching tolerance and MP John Hemming said he believed the documentary was irresponsible and had put schoolchildren at risk.

TT: Now here comes the Muslim whiner who claims the shots of abuse were cherry picked from all the “good stuff” the madrassa has done,

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  1. Gotcha, virgin chaser! Now go play with yourself wherever you or your immediate ancestors slithered out of and are so determined to try to recreate here.

    Begone, back into your evolutionary cul-de-sac. You are but a purse string suture in the rectum of out species.

    Strong comments follow.

  2. This claim that far right groups will target children is pathetic. What he means is the EDL are winning ground here so lets spin it round and blame them for something we have done. More than likley the parents have removed there children and the local council have asked them for an explanation which they can not come up with, what next mossad teachers or there not muslims or the school was taken out of contex.
    The EDL does not target children neither sexualy or physicaly thats the domain of the religion of hate and lies AKA Islam

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