From Naked Emperor News: NO Happy Clappy Democracies: MSNBC’S Mika Shocked Because Pictures From Egypt Seem So Nice While Harvard’s Niall Ferguson Schools Her on Muslim Brotherhood and Caliphate


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  1. When I was in Israel last week, I didn’t hear any commentators stating with certainty that the Ikhwan would take over Egypt. It was one of those potential concerns, but not the kind of shrieking panics that we’re seeing played up in the media. The guest is certainly in his right to be frustrated with the news media because they’re not telling us the truth about the fundamental driving forces behind Hosni Mubarak’s apparent forced exit.

    The media seems to be living in their own little world where either Egypt will be run by a civilian democratic government or the Ikhwan. Nobody seems to think the military will stay in charge.

    I agree with Niall about his comments regarding President O’Bama’s “touchy feely speeches”. I think Americans are getting sick of rhetoric and want to see results. As is plain to see, Egyptians want results and aren’t waiting for another grand performance by our President. Unlike the Fakestinians, Egyptians are being driven by poverty. Another touchy-feely speech isn’t going to help Egypt.

    I also agree with Niall that the O’Bama Administration is being run by amateurs. Is it any wonder that peace talks between the Fakestinians and Israelis never got off the ground?

    I think the most disturbing thing about what I’ve witnessed from the O’Bama Administration is that they have reacted to the mainstream media’s reports of happenings in Egypt in lieu of our own paid diplomats and intelligence employees in Egypt. At least it appears that way to me. That’s why the charge of “amateur hour” seems so credible.

    Prior to two weeks ago we already knew some things about Hosni Mubarak:

    1. He was 82 and reported to be ill.
    2. He was planning his succession; perhaps wishy-washy, but reportedly leaning toward one of his sons to talk over.
    3. He wasn’t going to be ruling Egypt too much longer.

    Now we have the O’Bama Administration telling us that the events of the past two weeks have “taken us by surprise”. What world were they living in! I for one find it all too believable that the O’Bama Administration is indeed “amateur hour”.

  2. Fantastic seeing an intelligent, knowledgeable person speaking quickly. All the Americans interviewing were slow and stupid, parroting some simplistic party line. Obama is, of course, both a fool and a knave.

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