This farce has to be stopped, for crying out loud, you’re not only making a laughing stock out of the Netherlands’ judicial system, you’re making a mockery out of the European sense of justice, forged through the centuries with applied logic, reason and rational thinking. What a bunch of morons. KGS

The Baron set the scene: The latest news from Geert Wilders’ new trial is that Mr. Wilders’ lawyer will offer a new round of objections asking for the case to be dismissed on the merits (or lack of them). If the case proceeds to trial, then the judges will allow the defense to call at least some of the witnesses who were barred from testifying last fall. Here’s a report from AP:

AMSTERDAM (AP) — An Amsterdam court said Monday it will reconsider dismissing the hate speech trial of one of the country’s most popular leaders, an anti-immigrant politician who compared Islam to fascism and called for a ban on the Quran.

Preliminary objections to Geert Wilders’ trial were heard by an another panel of judges last year, but that court stepped down when it became embroiled in allegations of potential bias against him.

The Wilders’ defense team had a right to present its preliminary objections again, and if they are granted “then the case is over and out,” Judge Marcel van Oosten said.

Wilders, the powerful head of the Freedom Party, faces charges of “inciting discrimination” for his remarks, which opponents say have led to more anti-Muslim discrimination. Wilders denies wrongdoing, saying he has a right to freedom of speech and that many Dutch voters support him.

Even before the first panel of judges was dismissed, prosecutors had conceded they didn’t think their evidence was strong enough for a conviction.

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