Islam, always willing to take a hand, not to give one. KGS

Teenager’s hand cut off over affair

Emirates 24/7: Eight men armed with axes attacked a teen age boy in Kuwait and cut his hand off to punish him for his relationship with a girlfriend of one of them, newspapers reported on Sunday.

Police said they arrested six and are searching for the other two after the attack that also seriously wounded the 17-year-old boy.

Newspapers quoted a police spokesman as saying the assailants would be tried on charges of attempted murder.

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  2. I don’t get it. Why hold a koran open to it? Are they trying to say, ‘tell it to the hand’? Or is that koran written in Braille.

  3. No..they are trying to say : “look, this is justified here…in this verse!! ”
    Down with this satanic book, the source of all evil !!!!

    1. There are lot of wonderful law abiding islamic people around the globe
      however no person, government state or federal or even GOD whether it be from Allah or the koran has the the right to cut of a persons hand for an affair these are just vile pigs who give islam a bad name. However, christianity link here as a peaceful religion is not entirely appropriate. Its like showing a healthy persno to a person who is sick and wounded. We should all practice empathy and sympathy towards those who have been brain washed since children that cutting off peoples hands are acceptable behavious. These practices are practiced in Saudi Arabia, and some islamic states ie libiya jordan turkey iran this where the problem lies

      1. Oh I do have sympathy for the brainwashed, but they’ll take that sympathy as a sign of weakness. As for giving Islam a bad name, Mohamed himself gave it a bad name before it ever really started to take over societies.

  4. This savagery comes directly from the ‘holy prophet’ of Islam, Muhammed.

    The great lie that Muhammed was some kind of holy man, a moral role model with a direct connection to God is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated upon humanity. It is a massive lie that is propagated by Islam’s power to repress inquiry, dissent and the truth by fear, intimidation and violence.

    But the truth about Muhammed cannot be suppressed, because the truth can be found in the Islamic ‘holy’ texts, the Koran, Ahadith and Surah Rasul Allah, recorded in black and white for the whole world to discover.

    The Koran 68:4 upholds Muhammed as ‘uswa hasana’, “…an exalted [standard of] character.” Islamic tradition upholds Muhammed as ‘al-insan al-kamil’ or ‘the perfect man’, to be emulated by all Muslims.

    But the hard truth about Muhammed, as recorded in the Islamic ‘holy’ texts, is that far from being a a ‘holy prophet’ Muhammed was a sadistic sociopath, a 7th century Arabian Hitler – only worse, a successful Charles Manson, only creepier and more evil.

    Muhammed was a murderer, torturer, amputator, decapitator, mutilator, slaver, looting stealing thief, rapist, human trafficker, sex trafficker, child rapist, sexual deviant, misogynist, perfidious liar, genocidist and self proclaimed terrorist.

    By any objective standard, Muhammed was one of the most vile and disgusting men in the pantheon of human history, a brutal barbarian, a self important narcissistic consumed by unquenchable sexual lust, greed and power.

    Muhammed should have been incarcerated not venerated, and he should be reviled not revered.

    Every pathology that afflicts Islam comes directly from this sick man, Muhammed, and the world suffers because of him.

    ~ The Infidel Alliance

    1. So I take it that you don’t like Mohamed. 🙂 All that you say is true, what makes him the most vile, is the fact that he managed to turn his cult of fiends into what the world now refers to as a movement of 1.2 billion followers. Sick

      1. Muhammed is Islam’s Achilles heel.

        Please help spread the truth about this evil, savage barbarian, Muhammed.

        ~ The Infidel Alliance

        1. I started to spread this truth here in my community, a lot of them were surprised and even shocked to know the real face of their beloved prophete…I was one of the blind followers of this liar, now I am free of this terrorist ideology, and I will work hard in order to unveil its ugly face to people

    2. Maybe he had sex with a pig and that’s where all the evil came from.

      1. Don’t insult the pig. Anyway pigs are intelligent and clean when allowed to roam free in nature!

  5. ummmm, if the assailants were acting in accordance with the law, why are they then being tried on charges of attempted murder??? If some crazed Christians cited some verse in the Bible and killed someone, would you call them Biblibarians. Of course not. You know nothing about Islam and are nothing more than racist hatemongers.

    1. They were carrying out vigilantism because they believe that the state is not doing what it should be doing in accordance to sharia law. There isn’t verses from the Bible being quoted to exact punishment on supposed offenders, but there sure are a hell of a lot of Muslims acting on Koranic verses, in murdering and maiming people. Who are you trying to kid here? The focus shouldn’t be on me, whether or not I know all about Islam, but rather on the Muslims themselves who are acting on centuries of accepted Islamic jurisprudence. They are the ones who say that they know Islam better than you, and are having amazing successes at turning so called ‘moderate’ Islamic communities towards their way of thinking.

  6. Hi, I read much comments here which were JUST against the islam, and i really understand your opinions.
    BUT I must say about that, i´m christian. I know how much cruel things has happened couse of the Islam, but you should know its a religion which was created before nearly 1400 jears. If you watch in the bible or something else you will find things which were also really cruel if someone would do it anymore. The problem is always how you interpret it, and you must see that its old (now i mean the islamic people). I read much things in the koran and much things were very good (like in the bible) and much things were very bad and just brutal (like in the bible). Its a big shame what happend here, and its just bad stupid and babarious, but the Islam can be good or bad, both ways are able to choose if i would do everything which is wrote in the bible i must have killed, i think over 1000 people, but i dont do becouse its not a bit the right way. And now a last sentence: The terrorism from “Islamic” extremists is not becouse of the Islam, its becouse the hate to the modern states, becouse of hunger and the war we brought them in the cold war turned much of them to raging desperate humans, who forgot that the first order in the Koran is: “You mustn´t kill people.” (sorry for my maybe bad english i´m german)

    1. Sorry Leon, but you’re confusing Islam with the monotheist religions of Judaism and Christianity, you can’t conflate them. Islamic texts which appear later in Mohamed’s reign, in the Hijra, the sword verse and everything that comes after it abrogates the more friendlier verses. That’s the truth. I suggest that you check out Ali Sina’s website.

      Jewish texts do not offer an open ended call for all out war against the ancient tribes the original Hebrew tribes were at war with, for all eternity, the Koran however does, against everyone who isn’t a Muslim. that’s a fact.

      It’s a matter of fact that terrorism is embedded in the Koran, and in the hadiths through and through, your statements make you appear grossly ignorant of Islamic texts that are not only overtly violent, but also anti-Semitic as well. Islam hates because its founder hates, pure and simple.

      Blaming the West for Islamic terrorism is a very naive and ignorant statement. The problem with Islamic fundamentalism, are the fundamentals of Islam.

      1. ok KGS, you left some really good reasons against the islam here, but theres also one verse in the bible (i dont know it in english i´ll try to translate it but i dont know how good it will be) which says: And every body who dont believe it and who deny god should be carried out of the city and be lapidated…
        so its also not as liberal as you maybe thought, i know that there are much more verses in the Koran like that than in the bible, but i also know some muslims who were really nice and had even more acceptance for other religions than almost every christian i´ve meet. I was so much times in jordania, uae, oman, jemen, my cousin was even in afganistan and irak, but no one of us had ever problems there, even though we got jewish ancestors, and we all are christian, i´d almost like to say the most people there where more affable than the most other people in europe. The problem are the few of stupid idiots who dont get it that the Koran is over 1000 jears old and so writen with other reasons and more fascist verses as someone would say today. As i allready said, interpretation… The Islam would not need to be as fascist and cruel like it is today, it could be a real good, nice, tolerant religion of peace. Las one: The so called Dschihad which is called the biggest obligation is cut in two halfs, the BIG Dschihad which says that you shall fight against your inner beast (materialism, sexual desire….), and the small Dschihad which says you should fight for the Islam and so on (thats the negative one)… (sorry again for my english)
        greets Leon

        1. First of all, don’t be sorry over your English, it’s fine. Second of all, the problem with Islam is that the Koran is not deemed in the same sense as Judaic and Christian holy books, it plopped out from the sky with mohamed receiving every word directly from what he called Allah. There’s no room for interpretation, each and every word that has been abrogated by later verses is as true and immutable as the day they were written down.

          For me it’s immaterial how friendly many Muslims are, the situation concerning the understanding of the texts of both the Koran and hadiths revolves around what the four schools of Islamic jurisprudence say about them. The court is closed on that score, just as it is in the Catholic Church concerning Vatican II. All four schools deem the violent passages to still hold weight in this day and age, so in fact, the jihadis waging war around the world are in fact behaving as pious Muslims. The only thing you’ll hear from a Muslim leader about the jihadis is, they condemn the “killing of innocents”, but just who are those innocents? Muslims, not the non-Muslim.

          Besides, knowing friendly Muslims in the 3rd world is not giving a complete picture of who they really are, once you cross any of their traditionally held mores, you’ll find out how quickly that friendship turns into outrage and hostility. I have too traveled the world, met people and greeted with hospitality, but just mention one cross word about Islam and its leader, or be caught in the same room with a female without a relative, no matter “how friendly” they appear to be, and you’ll quickly find yourself heading for the door with a lot of heavy curses breathing down your neck.

          Also, about Jihad, yes there’s the smaller jihad and the violent one, but in almost every time its used in the hadiths, and referred to in the Koran, the violent one is the most esteemed. Face it, Islam is violent towards anyone not apart of the ideology, as well as being violent towards the Muslim (in a sharia state, or a state that has a majority of serious followers) if he or she does not conform to the code. Vigilanti street mob violence is a common trait in the Islamic world.

  7. Ok, I erred (is this right?) in refference to the Koran by himselve, but I´m shure that in maybe the next 10-30 years, maybe even earlier, some significant changes will be happened. If I say this i think at examples like now Yemen, they will ignore some things in the Koran, and like that it will be more like in Germany, the USA etc. . ALSO THERE SANITY WILL PREVAIL (and also in Germany and USA etc. are many problems, it´s not like our countries were perfect). I´m shure of that. And I also got a muslim friend here in germany who also says the same, he is neither one of them who doesn´t allow other things nor one of them who is like them you told me and he also thinks that they will have no other chance. They will just ignore it, no matter if the Koran dont really allow it. We dont need to destroy the Islam, we and they just need to change it, and that will (hopefully(but I realy think so)) happen.

  8. YOU guys dont know nothing about islam or the prophet Mohammed (P),
    go read your Bible and understand it well, then u can come and judge a person like Mohammed (p), islam made the punshment according to the nature of the sin. This is called justice in our modern world. prophet Mohammed (p) never allowed his followers to kill prisoners of war instead he ordered each prisoner to teach a muslim how to read and write in order to be released

    wake up

    and stop you crap

    e mail me if you need to talk

    1. down down with evry killing happend, down down with the dead rat Osama Bin Laden, Down down with any terrorist attack on any spot in the world. we cant kill incidents for the sake of justice, there is Allah who judge them, dont mix ISLAM with those terrorists you heard about, they dont present Islam

    2. Mohamed ordered the infidel to accept Islam, or submit to sharia (paying the jizya with the feeling of having been subdued) or face death. Their women were free to be raped and made concubines. stop the lies once and for all about the worst imaginable person to be the prime example of human behavior. Mohamed. How many more people have to be subjected to brainwashing with this moron’s deadly creed, thereby continuing the retardation of society? Nope, no one is buying your nonsense, here at least that is.

  9. I must state that this behavior both of the boy and of the other persons is simply a lack of self control and failure in analyzing 3 things, the first being that the boy regardless of the attraction he must have felt for the girl, needed to control his urges and act with honesty and respect, if he wanted to have a relationship with someone he should have made an effort of taking the time to get to know a person who is not in another relationship , that was his fault. Second, that the reaction of the other people are based on a single mans anger and should have left him to resolve this situation by himself as I assume that the others are not having a relationship with the girl also, this man also should understand that the reason why this occurred is because he failed to understand the needs of affection of the girl and was simply a case of neglect lead a stray , so you see if this man had cared more for the girl this would have not happened. Third , the girl is also at fault , if she felt neglected she should have spoken of this to the man she was in a relationship with, I believe that any person in this world of ours is capable of listening and comprehending an explanation.

    The reason I wanted to share this with you is for you to perhaps start looking at things through a more honest perspective , religion aside ,this is just human behavior without analyzing consequences and being selfish, as always. I do hope this can start making people understand that the life we have is the only one we have, let us live in a boring peaceful existence.

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