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DailyStar: “In the Daily Star phone poll yesterday, 98% of readers said they agreed with the EDL’s policies.”


Daily Star Champions the English Defence League

TheGuardian: Yesterday’s Daily Star broke new ground by publishing a political splash. Over a picture of flag-waving marchers was the headlineEnglish Defence League to become political party.

As this reproduction of its front page shows, it was anything but a neutral presentation. It is a clear piece of propaganda on behalf of the EDL, a group that opposes the supposed spread of Islamic extremism in Britain.

The story cannot be read as anything other than a cheer-leading, uncritical piece on behalf of the EDL. Triumphalist in tone throughout, it required no between-the-lines deconstruction to grasp its intention – to build support for the group among its readers.

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Has the Daily Star Decided to Back the English Defence League?

TheIndependent: “Front page”, boasted the Facebook page of the right-wing English Defence League yesterday as it triumphantly linked its followers to a headline in Richard Desmond’s Daily Star that noted that the anti-Islamic organisation was to become a “political party”.

It’s a rare thing for the Star to “splash” on politics. And although the coverage referred to the EDL as being a “far-right group”, it reported its activities in an uncritical manner and noted that, in a phone poll of readers the previous day, 98 per cent of respondents had “said they agreed with the EDL’s policies”.

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NOTE: We all know how the Leftist media spins its narrative any way which way they please. Spare us all the sanctimonious clap trap drivel a paper being “anything but neutral”, that’s the signature of the Leftist media.

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  1. I remember the day the Daily Star was launched, the wanky Media said and I quote, “A Star is Porn’ they may have been nervy then, but I bet they are more than nervy now. The mass media needs to squash the Muslim sharia Shite. Tell the Islamist scum to go to HELL in a hand cart, on a daily basis. No surrender to the evil stone age morons,ever.

    1. In full agreement Watching, I never knew about the Daily Star being such a thorn in the side of the British Lame Stream Media. Great!

  2. Poor old Labour seeing its milch cow the working classes leaving it after it abandoned them for islam. The Guardian journalist seems very scared! 😀

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