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Another European leader that has seen the light, no doubt ages ago, but has seen it prudent, now, to echo David Cameron’s and Angela Merkel’s opinions that multiculturalism is indeed a failure. Nothing like facing up to reality. KGS

NOTE: Only history will say for sure if this admission was too late.

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  1. I hope the president o the Netherlands will be next!

  2. These politicians are simply hedging their bets with the electorate. They have no intention of stopping the cultural rot that is MC, leave alone reversing it.

    1. What’s important here guys, is that the meme is being spread, that being: Multiculturalism is a failure. regardless of what they do afterwards, the pandora’s box has been opened, no longer is multicultism to be deemed as a viable option. Lets wait a bit before the verdict is out.

  3. I fear that most of it is just pompous bluster, due to the fact that the common man, the electorate have had it with the PC crap being dumped on them.

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