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Anyone have any info concerning Islam and cats? I just can’t imagine the same reaction if a cat walked into a delivery room in Des Moines, Iowa. KGS

Cat wreaks havoc at Saudi hospital

The cat was wandering aimlessly inside the hospital (SUPPLIED)

EMIRATES 24/7: Pregnant women in labour waiting for their turn to enter the operation theater at a hospital in Saudi Arabia nearly had a miscarriage when they jumped off their beds and ran away after seeing a cat.

The ginger cat was wandering aimlessly inside the hospital before it sneaked into the gynaecology section and caused havoc in the ward, the Arabic language daily ‘Alwatan’ said.

Alerted by the women’s screams, hospital staff members and security chased the cat through the corridors of the hospital in the central town of Madinah for several minutes before they captured it.

“I went to the hospital to visit my wife and there they were…many staff members and security men were running like mad men,” said Turki Albiladi, a resident of Taif.

“I thought there was an attempt to kidnap a child…but I later was told they were chasing a cat and succeeded in catching it.”

One of the women who were caught off guard at seeing the cat commented sarcastically: ”It seems the hospital’s management brought the cat and put it inside our ward so the pregnant women have a quick labour and delivery,” said Najla Mutairi.

‘Alwatan’ said the health department in Taif had set up a panel to investigate how the cat managed to sneak into the hospital.

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  1. I don’t know, I have seen a lot of cats in Egypt and Malaysia. I didn’t see dogs, but we already knew that.

    1. LOL! Is that what the infidel task force is all about?

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