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David Cameron and his government are playing a dangerous game here, bashing Israel might win them temporary friends with the Muslims, but in the end, it will be they’re own necks will be on the chopping block. We’ve seen the exact same scenario in Sweden, with it’s faux ”conservative” Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and his government falling all over themselves to placate the Arabs.

They are disgusting examples of Western leaders who are traitors, not only to their own people, but to Western civilization as well. Throwing Israel under the bus will not stop the Muslims’ designs on Islamizing Europe, far from it, it will only serve to whet their appetite to pursue it with even more vigor. KGS

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

I have previously noted (herehere andhere) that the Cameron government is shaping up to be one of the most hostile towards Israel in living memory. David Cameron himself and Foreign Secretary William Hague have consistently treated Hamas propaganda about casualty figures in any war with Israel as reliable, even though they are invariably a pack of lies, and have furthermore astoundingly replicated the Arab strategy of turning Israeli self-defence into aggression at every opportunity. While he was in opposition, Hague infamously condemned Israel’s behaviour during the 2006 war in Lebanon as ‘disproportionate’; Cameron himself condemned Israel for its ‘attack’ on the Turkish terrorist boat the Mavi Marmara and designated Gaza a ‘prison camp’.

Now Hague is at it again. With the Arab world convulsed by the unrest in Tunisia and Egypt and with the acute danger that such instability will result in the region lurching even further into Islamic theocratic tyranny, the British Foreign Secretary’s response is – to bash Israel.

Read it all here.

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  1. A blunt instruction from the Foreign Minister to Netanyahu.

    What a damn impertinence!

    The UK is no longer a world power; The UK has been on the slide for many years now.

    It does not command the respect it used to enjoy and the sooner it realises this the less foolish it will look.

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