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Family prepares for burial of ‘undead’ daughter

Sheikha was alive and doctors were wrong in pronouncing her dead

By Staff
Emirates 24/7 Published Tuesday, February 08, 2011
An Emirati family in Dibba Fujairah set up a condolence tent and began preparations to bury their presumably dead daughter lying at a local hospital while she was still alive.

The hospital told the relatives of Sheikha Hassan Ali, who had a serious road accident, that they should come and collect the body, not realising that doctors had made an erroneous judgment.

After marathon attempts to save her life, doctors decided the woman had died and asked their aides to cover her face and call her family to come and receive the corpse. But they did not know the corpse was still very much alive and is feeling the pain.

“Sheikha could have been buried alive,” the Arabic language daily ‘Emarat Al Youm’ said on Tuesday.

“It was luck and coincidence when a nurse was passing by the presumed dead body and heard Sheikha groaning in pain…she immediately told the doctors who tried again to treat her.”

Sheikha was then rushed to a Dubai hospital after doctors said they could not perform an operation because of internal hemorrhage. But the shocked family is accusing the hospital of negligence.

“Sheikha’s family received a call last Tuesday telling them that their daughter was killed in a road accident and is lying at the hospital…her brothers rushed to the hospital to receive the corpse while her family began burial preparation and set up a condolence tent…but a big surprise that turned sadness into delight was awaiting Sheikha’s brothers at the hospital- the woman is still alive.”

‘Emarat Al Youm’ did not mention Sheikha’s age or elaborate on her condition at Rashid hospital in Dubai. It said her family have called on the Health Ministry to investigate the incident and punish those who are responsible for this situation at the Dibba Fujairah hospital.

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