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Nigel Farage on Finnish TV

I must say, these two interviewers are the worst talking heads since Avi Lewis, formerly of the CBC now with Al Jazeera, interviewed Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

NOTE: Thanks to Vlad for doing this video that the TT sent his way. It was something that was screaming Laurel and Hardy, and had to be done. The cuts between questions was just an editing out of the unnecessary Finnish translations of which can be said were accurate. KGS

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  1. Mr. Farage is 100% correct the basis of true representative government and the democratic process through legitimate free and fair elections, not the dictates of the Eu Commission, the so-called throne in Brussels A cleverly named and disguised governing body having broad power and answering only to itself not the people. In my travels in Southern and Eastern Europe I have heard much in the way of dissatisfaction with the EU plan especially in the area of loss of sovereignty and currency.

  2. I’d like to commend Tundra Tabloids for your tireless efforts to promote the preservation of European peoples and cultures. In the past I have been critical of what I perceived as permissiveness as pertains to immigration of incompatible non-Muslim populations, but your tone and aim seem right to me now. Focusing on Muslim immigration to Europe is permissible in the current political climate, and as Muslims constitute the bulk of immigrants to Europe, it’s a very low-cost, high-benefit strategy. Here in the U.S., we’re in big trouble, as there is no major proxy issue such as Islam or terrorism to use in place of race vis-a-vis massive illegal Mexican immigration. Demographics here are tilting rapidly away from us and creating a political climate of separatism in the fiscally sound states without large resource-draining illegal populations.

  3. To be fair, I don’t know that the interviewer on the far left enjoyed the fluency in English of someone in dialogue with Nigel Farage.

    Nigel Farage is outspoken in his criticism of the undemocratic European Parliament which observed from afar seems quite incomprehensible.

    How did the Europeans allow this farce to come to pass?

    1. It’s not a surprise to me Raymond. Finland is run by statists, it has a constitution that is statist in how it views the relationship between the citizen and the state, much of everything in everyday life is controlled by the state, violations of civil liberties that would raise the eyebrow (still) of folks in the US is taken for granted here. No Finnish politician from the main parties, save a few, have taken a real stand against the EU because of its undemocratic makeup and characteristics. Those are the plain facts.

      When either Paavo Väyrynen or Timo Soininen have ever raised the issues on MTV3, they are not treated with the same reverence given to hacks like A.Stubb and like ilk. The media is much to blame as well. It’s the very same thinking for those involved in the UN, no politician or UN bureaucrat have ever talked about the deep corruption and the subversion of its institutions by 3rd world dictatorships and authoritarian regimes, the amount of corruption is staggering…yet all Finns who work there and want to work there…remain silent.


  4. Voi Että! Are those two participants in some sort of affirmative action plan at MTV3??

  5. Ha! I guess I provided a proxy issue to unwanted immigration in the U.S., and likely a secondary and indirect one in Europe as well: fiscal condition.

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