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Jew hatred is rampant across Europe, closing one’s eyes to it will not make it go away, thankfully there still are politicians in Europe who take a no nonsense attitude towards it.  KGS

Kees van der Staaij: “People have to get the feeling that concrete action follows their complaints.”

H/T: Bad News From the Netherlands

Christian Politician: I Am Shocked by anti-Semitism in Amsterdam

Parliamentarian Kees van der Staaij, leader of the Christian SGP Party says that during a recent work visit to Amsterdam, he has been shocked by the various forms of anti-Semitism which apparently have become normal in society.

He mentioned that Jews cover their yarmulkes with a cap when they travel on public transportation and thus apparently feel the need to hide their Jewish identity.

Van der Staaij added that Jewish schools are heavily fortified buildings. He said that the police have to take their complaints seriously. People have to get the feeling that concrete action follows their complaints.

NOTE: The article linked to by the BNFTN blog does not describe where the anti-Semitism is coming from, so the TT will fill in the blanks: From the Muslim immigrant community.

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  1. Your last sentence says it all, TT. It’s amazing that most Europeans are such cowards that they don’t have the balls to acknowledge the increase in anti-Semitism can be directly attributed to the increase in Muslim immigrants to European countries.

    1. Thanks Infidel, it’s a simple mathematical equation: the more islam you have, the more intolerant the society.

  2. I agree with your statement that the antisemitism is increasing because of the increase of the Muslim immigrants. I do feel that I have to make a statement in defense of mister Van der Staaij: they have recognized that the migrants brought along their antisemitism with them. His party, SGP, wants antisemitism to be discussed in integration courses.

    Today a former MP (Donner) made a really weird statement: he said the increasing antisemitism is due to the increasing secularizing society. How weird is that?

    1. I agree Sophie. It’s great that Van der Staaij is placing himself on the record, I also hope that he then finds it wise to agree with Geert Wilders, who demands an end to mass immigration that is directly responsible for the outbreak of anti-Semitism in the Netherlands. Lets hope that this is just the beginning for him.

      1. Van der Staaij and Wilders agree on several things such as Islam and Israel, but Van der Staaij presents himself in a different way. Journalists bash his party because they are orthodox Christians. Although I disagree with his party on several points I do have to say that I have sympathy for them. It’s a very stable and reliable party. They are honest and really practice what they preach.

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