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This was a political-religious (sharia law) motivated murder attempt, therefor an act of terrorism. KGS

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Somali convicted of terrorism

03. February 2011 01.09 Inland Updated.: 03 February 2011 12.05
NyHeder: The 29 year-old Somali who is accused of an ax attack on Mohammed cartoonist Kurt Westergaard on January 1 of last year, is found guilty of terrorism and attempted murder, a court in Aarhus has decided.

Thus the terror case surrounding the ax attack on Kurt Westergaard is approaching its completion. Sentencing has been cited for Friday.

A verdict was expected late Tuesday afternoon, but the three professional judges and the six tried by jury realized that, because of the complexity could not keep the plan and was therefore the order to postpone until today.

Terrorism clauses of the law would be used.

Attorney Kirsten Dyrman wanted the Somali driver convicted under the controversial terror clause, introduced in 2002 following the terrorist attack in New York.

– The attack on Kurt Westergaard was likely to create huge turmoil and chaos. Therefore my action was covered by the terror clause, she said.

She admonished the jury to only make their decision based on what they have heard and seen in the courtroom.

– One should not consider how different media have quoted from the court over the past few weeks, says the prosecutor.

In other legal cases where terror clause has been used, it was about preparations for the bombings against the presumably random victims.

The prosecutor referred in his procedure that Kurt Westergaard was personified as the central figure in the international debate and turmoil surrounding the Mohammed cartoons insulting by Muslims and the right to free speech.

Background of the three indictments

The 29-year-old Somali was accused of an ax attack on Kurt Westergaard first January 2010. The indictment says the attempted violation of Penal Code section by terror, as stated in the indictment:

“With intent to intimidate a population, severely, or unduly compelling a Danish or foreign authorities to do or omit an act or destabilizing or destroying the fundamental political, constitutional, economic or social structures … tried to kill Kurt Westergaard, as he (the Somali driver, Ed.) armed with an ax and a knife wrongly procured access to the property to kill Kurt Westergaard. “

Terror The section has a term of imprisonment in jail until lifetime.

The 29-year-old man is also accused of attempted murder against a police officer by throwing a hatchet after the officer and threaten him with a knife. Somali transferee was pacified and slightly wounded two police shot in the leg.

No need to use terror clause

Hatchet man defender, Niels Christian Strauss said, conversely, that there simply is no basis for judging the man for terror.

– In order that we can talk about terrorism, there must be a terrorist attack directed against the entire population, to intimidate an entire population, not as in this case an individual, “says the defender.

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  1. We will now hear the screams of Islamophobia. The Somali was only doing what is normal in Somalia. We should make greater efforts in integration etc etc. More money for integration and education etc etc

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